Maneesh Srivastva, Mysticfoodiemantra.comManeesh Srivastva

I am a Delhi based Photographer and blogger and write everything that gets us connected to life and creates an impact. My posts are about new places that I get to explore, cuisines that define taste of India and other countries, art that aestheticize our inner world and culture that defines beauty of people and place. My passion lies in exploring the unexplored aspects of life. Photography is my passion and I love to capture the diversities that brings out each moment alive. My forte lies in creating stories and my life is beyond journalism that has evolved into my blog.

Gaurav Dharamwani,

Gaurav Dharmwani 

I am an adventurer, dreamer, marketer, musically inclined, traveler and foodie to the core. I believe food is one of the greatest gift from GOD. I have always believed in that theory and have been trying to improve my dining experience. I am learning to appreciate various tastes, and expanding my horizon. For me, a great dining experience will be something where the serving challenges the conventional taste and stamps its authority. Be it a lavish spread of a five star hotel or a plate from a road-side shanty, my taste buds should be able to experience every single ingredient in the serving and   the heart should always allure for it.

Abhishek Swarup , Abhishek Swarup

A lawyer by profession, a foodie by passion, I relish what all life has to offer. As much I like to explore new cuisines I like to explore new destinations. I believe in moving around as a traveller not as a tourist. Food is an inseparable part of every culture and reveals an untold story beyond what the history books have to offer. Food brings out the child in me and makes me curious as to how much legacy and brilliance has gone into making a dish as common as butter chicken or maybe a biryani, which are now just sold as a commodity.

Gauri Kulkarni,

 Gauri Kulkarni

Food-oholic, Eat-oholic or whatever you call me, i just love food!!! Learning about different cuisines and cooking them has helped me discover a whole new world, and it’s endless….Sharing it with all of you through my blog brings me joy! All for the Love of Food!!!! 🙂

Photography is what i do to destress..Right from clicking birds who come to my balcony for food and water, to nature, to the pets i board and of course food…its so much fun to click…click…click 🙂

Pets have always brought a smile to my face… My love for pets made me work for a couple of Animal Ngo’s and now i do pet sitting from home…Writing articles for dog blogs and magazines as a freelancer has helped my knowledge about them better. Cook…Click…Eat :))


Team Mumbai

Teena Khanna,

Teena Khanna
A certified coffee taster and training & development specialist by profession, i am food experimentalist by palate. My flavours makes my head spin like nothing else in the world. Finding perfections in imperfections, my vision is to break boundaries of connotations attached to routine food and make experiential dining an everyday routine.


khursheed Dinshaw, Khursheed Dinshaw

Based in Pune, Khursheed is a self proclaimed nomad who masquerades as a freelance lifestyle writer. With over 1350 published feature articles in niche publications in India and abroad, she writes on food, travel, people, health, culture and heritage. This foodie and wanderer seems to have found the right palatable mantra with The Urban Escapades.


Sanaea Patel

Based in Pune, Sanaea is a passionate foodie who juggles between being a mom and a fitness trainer







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