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Left – Chef Ashwani Kumar Singh, Dilli 32, Right – Chef Vikram Khatri, Guppy

Taste is always personal and at times when you get used to eating at a particular place you feel at home. Today I would like to share two of my favourite restaurant and their chefs. I have known them for many years, have been their ardent fan, and totally love their style of cooking. I have been a silent observant of their skills, attitude, and aptitude and have been enjoying the food that they cook. Chef Ashwani has done multiple food promotions at Dill 32 and I have been part of all his promotions.

His research and in-depth work on every festival make the food not only delicious but worth remembering. When I came to know that Dill 32 is expanding their horizon and going Pan Indian, it was not easy to miss the day 1 dinner. Even though I was super busy with my first food festival, I attended the launch dinner. Of all the festivals organized earlier, they picked up the best dishes and incorporated in the menu.

I was happy to see aloo dum, gate ki sabji and Haleem. Food is always exemplary at Dilli 32 and chef Ashwini makes sure that you get the best food. He is the finest and the most talented Indian chef in the country right now. His extensive knowledge of food especially on Awadhi cuisine and Rampuri is worth exploring as this cuisine is missing in the city. I can’t wait to go there again.

Well, when I talk about Japanese the only place i can think of is Guppy. Over the years after eating at various places, I have come to terms with the FACT that for me Guppy is the ultimate place.  Chef Vikram is another gem and his knowledge and command of the Japanese cuisine are what I always admire. His contribution to making Japanese cuisine popular is worth appreciating and he makes all the right efforts in this direction.

His passion and ability to perform with consistency is something the younger generation should earn. If you ever want to eat Japanese in the city, Guppy is the only place to go. Guppy is celebrating the 5th anniversary and you can try their superstar menu throughout September at an attractive price of 1599. From the bestselling sushi to the finest pork belly and black cod to the burnt garlic rice and Macha ice cream – you can relish all!

Chef Ashwani and Chef Vikram have been serving finest food with passion and consistency. Interestingly these chefs are involved in improvising creativity and are least interested in social media. Take a bow Chefs – whatever I write and share – It is always beyond expressions – Your work defines what you are today! We need such passionate Chefs who make each dish not just enjoyable – but go beyond celebrating values and true workmanship!,

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