Last week everyone on digital and social media was going gaga over the mega sale on Amazon.  I observed that a lot of people were promoting the sale as well.  I don’t know if you are aware that Flipkart too announced a similar kind of sale for 3 days. But that might have gone unnoticed as Flipkart didn’t use social influences to shout on social media. You may choose to disagree and that is all right.

maneesh srivastva, food and travel blogger and photographer,,,, amazon mega sale, flipkart maha sale
Amazon Sale

However, this isn’t about any fight or any sort of judgment on any of the e-commerce sites. My story is about my experience of buying some stuff during the sale. I have been planning to buy a new phone for quite some time. When I saw the promo of amazon sale, for the first time on their website (let me tell you, we buy a lot of stuff from Amazon and are really impressed with their service and never have had any problem so far) and the promotion for mobile, I was intrigued to wait and buy during the sale.

According to the promotion, I would get the phone for the price, which I can never imagine of or say beyond expectation! Well, that is the claim which every merchant makes during the sale, isn’t it?

maneesh srivastva, food and travel blogger and photographer,,,, amazon mega sale, flipkart maha sale
Flipkart sale

The day finally arrived on 16th July and I started searching for a mobile suitable for my budget ( I don’t believe in spending money on phones because of the constant evolution in mobile technology). My criteria were simple – A phone with an excellent camera and decent configuration within 15k at max. I was also offering my Oppo F1s phone for exchange, which has an excellent camera phone and had been with me for the past 2 years and I have never had any problem with the phone. The exchange offer on Amazon was 5K for Vivo V9 and for Oppo F7 it was 4k which according to me was a little weird.

Then I moved my search to Flipkart that also had similar kind of sale. At Flipkart, I got 8K for my old phone and it was a stealer! Unfortunately, Oppo F7 was out of stock and hence I had to close on Vivo V7.  I also bought some utensils for my kitchen with a whopping 60% off which wasn’t available on Amazon.

My only piece of advice is to look for alternatives because you never know what others are offering and one should not follow anyone blindly. This will always help you in evaluating better offers and opportunities.

Happy shopping! I will very soon share my experience with Vivo V9.


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