Until early 2017 Gin and Tonic were the talk of the town. Every bar and lounge will have gin and tonic and people love it. I have thoroughly enjoyed my gin and tonic combination. Gruppa was the first bar where they got perhaps one of the best gin and tonic in the city. The place had every label of tonic from across the globe. They have the finest bitters from across world too!

Then came Juniper Bar at Andaz, where we have more than 40 infused Gin and served with best of the tonics. I have had a great time at Juniper and it definitely is one of the finest bars in town.

By mid-2017, the taste around whisky evolved again and people started drinking whisky-based cocktails. Irrespective of the gender, whisky and whisky cocktails became more fashionable Whisky used to be labeled as men’s drink (I have no idea how and when this started) but in my opinion, whisky is everyone’s drink. It takes time to develop taste for whisky. It’s bitter unlike other spirits and is high on alcohol

Whisky Samba launched last year and it created rave in the city. It was one of the first whisky bar, though I believe Dramz came before; but I really doubt if anyone even remembers that place. Cocktails at whisky samba is fantastic, and I totally love them. One of the reason could be; that they use top brands for their cocktails, unlike other bars where I always have doubts on the liquor they use in their cocktails.

Newest addition in this is The Whisky Bar, which opened a couple of months back at the bustling sector 29. When I met Mr. Dheeraj Sapra, I realized how passionate he is for whisky and the reason behind opening a whisky centric bar. This bar has more than 110 labels of whisky from across the world and the best part is most of the time they are in stock. I find it odd when the spirit mentioned on the list, goes are out of stock and have experience this multiple times.

Well, this place is gorgeous, has an excellent bar area with a conveyer belt, and is divided into 3 sections. While sector 29 has a lot to offer because it is bar/café capital of Gurugram, yet most of the places survive only on the brewery and hence the focus of Whisky Bar is different. This also makes them stand tall and apart from others and will definitely attract a different category of customers with a class! Food here is bar food but better than a lot of places. The pork ribs, kasundi broccoli, smoked salmon and whisky barbequed duck rolls were outstanding. In the mains, kadi risotto missed the flavor of kadhi, however, the moilee bowl with appam was excellent and so was the mutton curry with parotta.

The Whisky bar is definitely for people who love the smooth taste of the dark spirit and for those who will simply enjoy blends of amazing cocktails and good finger food.

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