Flavour Profile – what does that mean? I asked myself when I heard this word. Then I realized that I was sitting in the company of two of the most prolific champ of F&B.

I hope you have guessed it by now! Ok if not, then let me tell you, I am talking about Tarun Sibbal and Ankur Chawla – my favorite people and I love what they do. I have met Tarun earlier on various occasions and at events, but this meeting was special. At Twist, a pop up was being hosted by these two along with ‘One fine Meal’, the Gourmet Catering Company. I was relishing jalebi chaat and that is when flavor profile word came up. I owe a lot of my learnings to these fantastic people.

Finally, after a long thought, I decided to write a post about my journey as a food blogger and would like to thank all the people who have helped me to become what I am today, even though, I have a long way to go.

Let’s start from the beginning. My first encounter with Chef Sujan Sarkar was in 2013 when he joined Olive and I was there for his first menu. I will be honest and candid here; because his first menu had changed my life forever and I realized that food blogging isn’t a cakewalk as people think. I couldn’t make much sense of the menu that I had at hand. I worked hard, did a lot of research, spoke to numerous chefs and friends in the industry. This helped me; not only to understand Chef Sujan Sarkar’s working style, but it also helped me to understand his philosophy behind the menu. Well, as they say, the rest is history; we became good friends.

I completely admire and follow what Chef Vikram Khatri does. The credit goes to Chef Vikram as he created my love for Japanese food. His passion, dedication, and love for Japanese food helped me immensely to learn and admire the cuisine. I have to mention about Chef Nilesh Dey as well. I first met him at Wasabi and we instantly made a connection. I have learned a lot about Japanese cuisine from him and I continue to do so.

I do not hesitate to repeat that Chef Manish Mehrotra is the most outstanding and humble chef I have ever met. He is very down to earth, simple and that makes him chef par excellence. His vast knowledge of Indian regional food is immense and I have learned a lot from him.

Chef Arun’s contribution in my journey has also been very significant. My knowledge of South Indian food was limited to dosa and idly, and it changed after I met him. His command on the regional south Indian food is outstanding and incredible.

Chef Subrata Debnath showed us that you don’t need to be an Italian to serve an authentic Italian meal in India. His tiramisu has been the benchmark and shows that he knows his food. I will always remember him for feeding me the most delicious Bengali meal, other than what I get to eat at home. His knowledge and eagerness to learn more have always inspired me!

Chef Neeraj Tyagi is passionate and choosy with his ingredients. He always looks for fresh and new ingredients that make all the difference to the dishes. Since his core specialty is the Mediterranean which happens to be my favorite too, he has helped me a lot to understand this cuisine very closely.

Chef Abhishek Basu’s greatest strength is in simplifying cooking. His understanding of Indian cuisine has depth. I learned from him that how an ingredient can change the flavor of the dish and make it more delicious. His knowledge of seasonal produce is immense and that shows in his menu too

Chef Ravi Saxena is special in many ways. He is from Allahabad and I had spent most of my life there – but then that’s not the sole reason. He is humble and perhaps much underrated in the age of social media but his knowledge is unparalleled. He not only gave me valuable tips on Indian food but also helped me to understand a lot on North Indian and Punjabi food. You should also know that he is an excellent Italian chef.

Chef Girish Krishnan, fondly known as GK is the most talented and brilliant chef that Marriott India has. He has earned tremendous respect and fondness for the F&B fraternity. He took K3 at new heights and changed the scene of all-day dining in Delhi. His passion and hands-on experience are remarkable. He is also known for his passion for fresh fish and kebabs. Chef – You will also be missed in Delhi!

Ranveer Brar is my buddy and Pal and guru when it comes to Awadhi cuisine. His knowledge and reach on Awadhi cuisine are enormous. The moment you talk about Awadhi food, you will see the sparkle in his eyes.

Chef Ashwini undoubtedly is the finest Indian chef in Delhi/NCR. He does extensive research on every food festival that he conducts. His attention to detail and passion to get things right always makes him a superior chef. I have learned a lot from him about Indian cuisine and its history. Whenever I meet him, our discussion on food continues. I have always learned something new with every interaction. I always feel honored the way he talks to me and his humility truly is stupendous.

Chef Manu Chandra gave Delhi the first ever gastropub. He showed us, how a bar can also serve good food along with good cocktails. We have plenty of pubs/café in the city but none of them are good at both.

Umesh Dalal and Chef Suprabhat Roy Choudhury shaped and sharpened my skills and they continue to enhance the same. I can bug them anytime, anywhere and they have always been very helpful. Umesh has helped me to learn a lot about wine and helped me to understand its nuances when I couldn’t even relate to its taste; however, I was eager to learn. He continues to share his inputs on wine.

I call him Meaty Chef. Chef Akshay Malhotra is so passionate about meat and grills that this title suits him a lot. His meat-a-grill was probably one of best food promotions that I attended.

Now let’s talk about the younger lot. I have learned passion, dedication and never losing attitude from them. In their company, I feel young and energetic as they carry contagious positive vibes. Chef Noah is absolutely firework; Chef Megha is always spot on and Chef Pawan is full of ideas and energy. Chef Harangad is brilliant in what he does and is growing with each passing year. Chef Akshay is a young powerhouse and brilliant at his work. Chef Sahil is another talented Chef and his grammar room is currently the talk of the town. This young lad team is incomplete without my favorite Chef Dhruv. He is the most talented young chef in the country and the two P’s suit him well – Passionate and Perfectionist. With the success he has seen, he continues to remain humble and loves staying in the kitchen. I have been pushing him to be active on social media and I hope I will be able to convince him.

Sommelier Kriti Malhotra, I always appreciate and like the way she pairs food and wine, especially with Pan Asian food. Her understanding of wine and pairing is something which will help her to go a long way. She has also helped me a lot when it comes to wine understanding.

I always feel and believe that learning never ends and if you are honest about it, you will be able to go a long way. I am still a beginner and learning each day and I thought it’s my time to offer my gratitude towards these people and friends who have helped me to become a better food blogger. I still have a long way to go but I guess, I will be there eventually as these super awesome helpful people have supported me throughout!

I would also like to apologize if I have missed anyone. I sincerely owe everything to you guys! Heartfelt thanks to each of you from the core of my heart!

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