As summers are approaching, the month of April continues to be a relief as of today. April celebrates the festive season of Baisakhi. This brings in multiple food promotions across the city. I have been to a couple of the promotions and have compiled a list that takes you on the journey of this festivity. You should definitely try out:

flavour of amritsar, holiday inn mayur vihar,, lifestyle and food blogger and photographerFlavor of Amritsar, Café on 3 at Holiday Inn Mayur Vihar 

The ongoing Amritsar food festival is a great option if you love Amritsari food. The fish fry is perfect. You will equally enjoy Makki ki roti and Sarson ka saag. The vegetarian options are not just great, but delicious too. Butter chicken and beliram mutton were excellent. You should head to Café on 3 if you love Amritsari food. The festival is on till 22nd of April

Cafe at 3 | Holiday Inn Mayur Vihar | 13th – 22nd April | Dinner | Price INR 1750 PP


the taste of awadh, courtyard marriott gurugram,, maneesh srivastva blogger and photographer Awadh Food festival in Downtown, Courtyard Marriott, Gurugram

Whenever I talk about Awadhi food,  first two things come to my mind, galaouti and Nihari and Kulcha, a lighter and little different version from delhi one. Yesterday night I was at Downtown, Courtyard Marriott, one of my favourite place in Gurgaon. They are hosting awadh food festival. I was so happy to see that they didn’t serve mutton biryani, because if you are from that region then you should know that we call it pulao, be it with vegetable or mutton. Mutton pulao was perfect, just like you eat in Lucknow. I must add here that you must try their flavoured dal, a plain dal with rose itr( home made perfume), something which you will never get to eat any where. Festival is on till 22nd of this month and can’t be missed.

The Aroma of Awadhs | Downtown Cafe | Courtyard Marriott Gurugram | 13th – 22nd April | INR 1950 PP Plus Taxes


NH8, Radisson Udyog Vihar,, maneesh srivastva photographer and bloggerBaishakhi at NH8, Radisson Udyog Vihar, Gurgugram

NH8 – My 1st visit was during navratre. Radisson Udyog Vihar is a business hotel and they have NH8 as their all day dining. In spite of having not so elaborate buffet menu , the food tasted really good. When i met Chef Amit, i was impressed with the kind of exposure he has in western cuisine. I am looking forward to try that next time.

Let’s talk about their Punjabi food promotion for Baishakhi. The significance of the festival is the harvesting season and birth of the khalsa. So what do we enjoy here – All Punjabi food. Most of them were absolutely delicious and not easy to find in a five star setup. The kaleji , gurda kapure are the most famous item which you get in amristar. The tari wala meat and the wadi wali sabji were outstanding and the consistency of the gravy was thin as that is how it has to be enjoyed! The fish fry had a light coating and it was excellent! Thankfully they didn’t use basa fish. Food is good and service is excellent. You must visit NH8.

NH8 | Radisson Udyog Vihar | 11th April – 25th April | INR 1455 PP for Lunch and INR 1699 PP for Dinner ( Both Buffet)

Cafe Pride, Pride Plaza Aerocity,, maneesh srivastva photographer and bloggerBaisakhi Food Festival, Pride Plaza, Aerocity

Baisakhi is festival of happiness and the best way to celebrate this is by eating food. Café Pride at Pride Plaza is hosting a baishaki food promotion and Chef Vivek has churned out some excellent dishes. The chicken was perfect in look and flavor. Seekh kebab was brilliant and dal makhni and butter chicken tasted excellent.  In vegetarian, Pindi chana and baigan bharta is a must try. If you love Punjabi food, this festival shouldn’t be missed.

Cafe Pride | Pride Plaza Aerocity | 13th – 22nd April | Dinner | INR 1950 PP

GT Culinary Tail, Crown Plaza Today Gurugram,, maneesh srivastva, lifestyle and food blogger and photographerGT Road Festival, Café G, Crown Plaza Today, Gurugram

GT Road was created by British Government to carry their goods from one place to another. However, they also helped to carry culture and food to different parts of the country and it has created a major impact on Indian food scenario. When Executive Chef Nilesh Dey and F&B Director shared the idea of GT Road food promotion, I knew will be spoiled for choice. I went there on day 3 when the focus was on north-west frontier, undivided Punjab and Delhi. Afghani Haleem was excellent and so were the kebabs. Since I have recently started eating a lot of vegetarian dishes, I would strongly recommend chole saag, aloo wadi, and daal. The Karachi biryani is inspired by Irani pilaf and is very common from Persia to Pakistan. I am super excited for the next one where they will serve food from Bengal and Bihar and I am not going to miss it.

Cafe G | GT Culinary Tail | Crown Plaza Today, Gurugram | 16th- 30th April | INR 1950 PP


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