While the whole world is following Michelin star guide and going mad about it, unfortunately in India we do not have any authoritative list of restaurants for every city. This is how we got the idea to start our own list of best 10 restaurants in Delhi. Last year, we at Urban Escapades thought of starting our own best restaurant list, as we could not foresee the arrival of Michelin Guide in India soon. Well, what we did not realize was that our effort towards this initiative will go viral and will cross 1 lac view.

We are not only excited but also thrilled that people were able to relate to the list and were eager to know what we at Urban Escapades consider the BEST!  This humbles us further as we start our year again to create the next best! Unfortunately, 2017 was not as exciting as 2016 and we struggled to list the 10 best restaurants in Delhi. Nevertheless, the idea is to keep moving and doing our best work. So here, we are back again with the 10 best restaurants of 2018. Our selection process remains the same:

It is never going to be easy – I was told by my well-wishers when I thought that why not to have our own list of best of the restaurants. Well before I wanted to pen down 10 finest restaurants in the city, I wanted to be very sure what I am going to do and how will I define it. It is a small step that I have taken and the aim is to get as big as it can. I don’t want to draw the comparison or make it sound like an unachievable goal. Everything starts with a drop and so did this blog when I started penning down.

This list wasn’t created overnight, however, is the result of efforts that have been placed over a year. All the restaurants have been visited by our team (including me) and some places where we went as guests, we paid for our meals. We didn’t share inputs with the restaurant.We have already started working on our next list and I would like to ensure that this is going to get more transparent.

It wasn’t an easy task and I didn’t give up as my instincts guided me to create something good and that is what kept me going.

It’s the human tendency that whatever you do or create, you will always find critics for it. I would be glad to have a discussion around this anytime.

Now, the reason for choosing the count as TEN – I wanted to be sure of the list that I will create. I wanted to ensure that team does its due diligence on picking 10 of the 1000 list of places that would sound simpler; however the task and efforts involved was humungous!

It’s a big day for us at Urban Escapades as after multiple discussions, a couple of surprise visits to the restaurant and of course fair debate within our team, we have been able to arrive at a consensus!

So here is it, the second edition of 10 Best Restaurants in Delhi – purely based on our research, food reviews and discussions with our experts. You may or may not agree but we would love to see your comments.

  1. Indian Accent – No price for guessing, it’s not only India’s best, but perhaps one of the finest Indian restaurant in the world.
  2. Artusi – In last 4 years, they have proved themselves that they are definitely the finest Italian fine dining restaurant in Delhi. While Italian food is one of the most popular international cuisines in India, Artusi serves food from Emilia Romagna region of Italy.
  3. Dill 32  – Delhi doesn’t have Awadhi taste as it requires finesse and perfection. But CDC Ashwini Kumar Singh at Dill 32 made sure that you get to taste the most authentic Awadhi and Rampuri cuisine in Delhi.
  4. Olive  – Olive and Chef Dhruv is synonym to each other. Over the years, he has not only proved himself but has also transformed Olive. Chef Dhruv is taking olive to new heights. You should watch out for The Grammer Room. The flavor, food, and presentation are sensational!. Their seasonal menu has colors according to the season, use local produce and the freshness is impossible to get anywhere else.
  5. Guppy  – When it comes to Japanese food in Delhi, no one can do better than Chef Vikram Khatri. His signature pork belly, black cod, and sushi are outstanding
  6. China Kitchen – Chinese has only one name in Delhi i.e. china kitchen. They are serving the most authentic Chinese in town over last 2 decades. Their pecking duck is a must have.
  7. Burma Burma – The first restaurant in Delhi serving vegetarian food without alcohol and most of the time it is packed. I was surprised to see that people in Delhi are in love with Burmese cuisine, which was not very popular earlier in Delhi. It has surprised everyone and people praise this place. The food here is excellent and even if you are a true non-vegetarian, you will love this place. You wouldn’t feel the need to have even alcohol!
  8. AnnaMaya – the food hall and a restaurant, where you can buy while eating. One of the unique concept in Delhi. Annamaya is a place which grows on you and every time you will go there, you will love it more. The food here is simple, delicious and unpretentious.
  9. Whisky Samba – It is the bar of the city. In true sense, first whiskey bar which serves some of the finest cocktails and has amazing food. Chef Akshay is brilliant and is making this place not only for cocktails but for amazing food as well.
  10. Lavaash By Saby – This Armenian and Bengali inspired restaurant is one of the finest examples of how a theme based restaurant should be. Chef Megha is definitely one of the brightest chefs in town.


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