As much as Delhites are infamous for not being too experimental with their food choices, these rumors are put to rest by the number of innovative and progressive cafes that are opening up in the city every passing day. However, we decided that this list should largely consist of cafes that have stood the test of time and have been consistently serving good food. Our choices are largely based on the quality of the food and then the ambiance and overall vibe of the place. The ten best cafes shortlisted by us are in no particular order or ranking. So here, we are back with the 10 best cafes of 2018. You can read about Our list of Delhi’s 10 best restaurants here. Our selection process remains the same:


  1. Cafe Lota: The earthy and soothing atmosphere of this open-air café will calm your nerves. The idea is to make you feel connected to ethnicity and culture of India that’s why they have chosen National Crafts Museum as their location and serve simple homemade style food inspired by various regional cuisines of India. Do try their Mini Rava Idlis Molgapodi, Ragi Appam, Beetroot Chops and Khade Masale ka Gosht.


  1. Pizza Express: With an outlet at every possible location in Delhi, this premium fast-food chain perfectly plays to its strengths. Their pizza dough and pizza sauce are probably the best in the city which is the reason why they can never go wrong with their pizzas. Most of their Entrées too are prepared using their signature dough and that’s why they taste really fresh. Their dough balls with a trio of dips is a unique offering. In pizzas, you can simply enjoy the classics like Margherita or American (consisting of Pepperoni and Mozzarella) or can go for spicy bombs like American Hottest or Pollo Forza.


  1. Carnatic Café: Being one of the most distinguishable South Indian Cafes this gem took Delhi’s existing South Indian food scene to another level. Thanks to Carnatic Café, the Delhites know that South Indian Cuisine is far beyond the regular Vada Sambhar and Masala Dosa. This café with its outlets located at New Friends Colony and GK-2 serves home-style cuisine from Karnataka. Almost everything that comes out of the kitchen is ‘gheelicious’ and pure heaven, their Paddu, Malleshwaram 18th Cross Dosa and Neer Dosa remain top selling items.


  1. TabulaBeach Café: This beach themed café recently reinvented itself. It turns into one of the most happening party destinations in town every weekend. Their outdoor seating area even has sand on the floor bringing alive the Goan vibe. They were also among the first cafes to get the iconic Kings beer of Goa to Delhi. Their food esp. the seafood is mindblowing. We recommend the Seafood Platter, Vietnamese Chicken Skewers, Slow Roasted Mushrooms and Khao Suey.


  1. Cha Bar: The iconic Oxford Bookshop was previously located in the Statesman House, CP but now has shifted to a new location in the outer circle. Though the earlier setup at Cha Bar was more reminiscent of the reading culture and gave you more intimacy with the books, the new café has been separated from the books area. However, more and more people know about it now than before, so it has gained immediate popularity and the tables are always full. The prices being extremely reasonable, you can sit there enjoying a massive variety of teas from all over India, Ceylon, China, Nepal etc. Their huge range of coffees and snacks are good too. Try their Truck Driver 100 Mile ki Cha, Passion Fruit Ice Tea, Thandai, English Tea Sandwiches and Fish n Chips.


  1. Triveni Terrace Café: A little bit of art in everything is a good idea. The location of this café, Triveni Kala Sangam, is perfect for art lovers with painting and sculpture exhibitions held all year round. The menu of this open-air cafeteria is rather simple but the atmosphere is really soothing with surrounding greenery that offers a welcome change from the noise of city life. Try their French Press Coffee, Assorted Pakoras, Paalak Patta Chaat and Safed Chicken Curry.


  1. The All American Diner: Another iconic café in Delhi that has stood the test of time. This American style eatery located at India Habitat Centre, at one point in time, was a one-stop destination for breakfast. Even today it is hard to find a better place for breakfast in the city. Eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes, waffles- you name it they have it. Everything is reasonably priced which helps it maintain the old world charm just like its ambiance.


  1. Big Chill: Though this Italian café has turned a bit pricey over the past few years the popularity doesn’t seem to go down at all. There is still an ever increasing list of loyal customers that this place enjoys. We would highly recommend its thick shakes and cheesecakes. I find their food too decadent for Italian cuisine but probably this is the reason why it’s still hugely favored over the places serving more authentic Italian. Their popular dishes include Penne Vodka Pasta, Peri Peri Pizza, and Chicken Melt.


  1. Dirty Apron: Dirty Apron not only has dared to choose an unusual name but also an unconventional cuisine. In fact, this Cafe by The Piano Man located above the Piano Man’s Jazz Club boasts of being the only eatery which serves Eurasian cuisine. Apart from some far east inspired dishes, there are a few Indian cuisines inspired dishes too. While sitting indoors near wood fired oven you can enjoy the view of pizzas being pulled out in full glory, you may also consider sitting on their pretty terrace. Pizzas definitely are kickass however there are many other gems on the menu such as Stuffed Mushroom Nonya Sauce, Teriyaki Chicken Quesadillas, and Mutton Galauti Sliders.


  1. Music and Mountains- Hillside Café: Earlier called Sakley’s Mountain Café, you’ll instantly fall in love with this place as soon as you’ll enter. Being true to its name it actually makes you feel you are in a quaint, cozy café in the hills with a fireplace, wooden log tables, and laidback atmosphere. It is definitely the prettiest cafe as compared to other cafes featured in this list. The cuisine served here is largely Italian along with some gourmet burgers. Do try their Welham’s Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli with Cheesy Tomato Sauce and the French Onion Soup Lamb Burger with Gouda Cheese.
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