Happy Valentine Day Naina <3.

This I wrote for you long ago and I mean each and every word.

3rd March 1999Seems like “ yeh to Kal ki Baat hai”… it was the 1st day after Holi and we were in the computer lab. I was surrounded by my batch mates and helping them navigate through the Oracle. Amidst the crowd, I noticed someone standing at the door –Nervous, Shy as if looking around for someone who could just welcome her or talk to her. The moment I saw her – I fell in love. Our eyes met and I clearly remember the sparkle in her eyes and I still see it every day when she looks at me. And that very moment I decided that I am going to spend rest of my life with this girl, without even knowing her and without even talking to her.

After few regular meetings, I decided to propose her on 27th of March 1999 while strolling from Yashwant Palace towards Nehru park. I shared with her on my aspirations, my family and desire to spend my life with her. I continued talking for 2 hours and at the end of our conversation, all she said was “We will always be good friends” J
I didn’t know what more to say or add to her response. I was clueless. I decided to be patient and wait for things to happen and be a good friend.

We continued to meet and spent a good time together. After 21 days, when I had to go out of the station, she wanted to go to ISKCON temple and asked me to come along. That day, without me saying anything, she accepted my proposal. She is my wife, My life, my better half and means the world to me – Naina. 18 years have flown since our togetherness and we have had our ups and downs, however, what remained constant was our LOVE for each other. I can’t think of my existence without her. I feel incomplete. My love for her continued to grow deeper and stronger, even after Nammn entered our life.

Nammn’s existence added more responsibility, commitment, gratitude towards each other. I know my love for her will never end and I will keep falling in love every time, all through my life, in this birth, in my next – with the same girl – with Naina

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