Have you ever been able to identify the difference between your cup of Cappuccino at CCD or Costa Coffee? Except that we like one coffee over the other, do we ever think from where the coffee beans have been sourced from and what is the quality of the roast?

Coffee is very popular in Delhi, but Delhi still does not have an evolved coffee culture. In fact, some of the less developed nations like Ethiopia and Cuba have a very strong coffee culture.

A recent masterclass at the newly opened Coffee Bond in GK1 M Block Market helped me differentiate between the different qualities of coffee and why we need to move beyond how much we are paying for a cup of coffee to understanding whether the beverage inside the cup is worth your buck or not. An objective look at the different varieties of coffee and differentiating between their aroma and taste was quite an eye-opener.

coffee bond gk 1 delhi, maneesh srivastva, lifestyle blogger and photographer, urbanescapades.in, First, we were shown how the different varieties of coffee beans look like. One of the lowest quality coffee beans ‘Vietnamese Bulk roast Arabica Beans’ was extremely inconsistent in color and size. They don’t use it in their outlet and had ordered a batch just for the masterclass. We further went on to examine some better qualities of coffee beans such as ‘Seven Corridor’, a blend of Arabica and Robusta varieties of beans. This is probably the coffee you generally get in Cappuccino of CCD or Barista. We also studied the Blue Tokai Arabica Beans which are also quite popular all over India.

At Coffee Bond, more than doing hardcore business they are interested in developing a strong coffee culture in Delhi and that’s why they keep looking out to explore new varieties of coffee so that they can improve the customers’ experience with their every subsequent visit. Whenever their experts find a better roast, they replace their previous roast with this one.

Right now they are using one of Australia’s and among the world’s finest roasts ‘Vacation’ and ‘Five Senses’. I tried their cappuccino and it was extremely smooth wherein the bitter aftertaste was missing and I loved it. Their menu is also curated thoughtfully and revolves around their coffee preparations.    ee bond


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