In continuation of my previous post of Fond memories of 2017 – Part 1; I now present the list of the fond memories of 2017 – PART II – 15 of my favourites! 

Indian Accent  – Lodi Hotel

Their impeccable service outshines each time. Right from serving the dishes to pouring wine and changing cutlery after each serving is not just flawless but has a touch of a very personalized service! How many times have you witnessed anyone coming to your table and ensuring that everything is perfect – well not just for formality – but with genuineness to ensure that guests truly get to experience the remarkable hospitality and elegant food! I would definitely want to go back and enjoy my conversations with Chefs and of course the lovely food served with perfection! Without a doubt, this was the best meal of 2017. You can read about them here.

Prankster, Sector 29, Gurgaon

Every time I go to the prankster, my expectation rises. Food is getting better here day by day. Whenever I visit, some of the other dish, leave me speechless. Inderjeet and Jasmeet are one of those passionate restaurateurs who believe in giving you their best. Definitely one of the best meal of 2017. Chef Harangad is definitely one of the finest chefs in Delhi/NCR. You can read about them here.

 Whisky Samba, One Horizon Centre

Finally, I managed to visit Whisky Samba in 2017. I couldn’t have asked for a better ending in 2017. Lunch at Whisky Samba was with one of the most talented and young – Chef Akshay Bhardwaj. Whisky Samba is not only the most rocking place in Delhi/NCR but also has the best cocktails.The lamb chops and pork belly has not only the right balance of spices but also had been cooked to perfection. No wonder, this place is popular amongst people who love good food and mind-blowing cocktails.

Rampur Food Festival at Taj Palace, New Delhi

One of the finest food festival that happened in 2017. A cuisine which is inspired by far east and Pashtun never got due recognition in Delhi food scenario. But Taj made sure that they give tribute to this cuisine which otherwise gets overshadowed by Awadhi cuisine. You can read about them here.

Shophouse by Kylin, One Horizon Centre

A quick and easy to eat place which came with the brilliant concept of DIY Bowl. Situated in the horizon centre, the concept is so unique that it will definitely attract lot of office-goers in the vicinity. Food is delicious and healthy too. You can read about them here.

Rajasthani Food Festival at Downtown, Courtyard Gurgaon

First food promotion after they revamped their all day dining and re-opened as Downtown. One of the finest Rajasthani food I have eaten in delhi. Head Chef Shailender and F&B Manager Ravi, roped in maharaj from Jaipur and also were assisted by their new chef who also hails from Rajasthan. You can read about them here.

TheMemSahibsKitchen at K3, JW Marriott

My first experience with Anglo-Indian cuisine at K3 was when Bridget White Kumar hosted a week long food promotion. After this experience I realised what is colonial food and the era of colonial. Anglo-Indian cuisine developed during the British rule in India when the ladies of British high official interacted with the Indian cooks. Eg: kedgeree, mulligatawny, and chutney were added to the English palates. Dishes like dak bungalow chicken developed in the traveller’s bungalow across India. You can read about them here.

Lavaash By Saby , Mehrauli

What I like about the place is that it has grown in last two years. Chef Megha has now become an expert on Armenian and Bengali cuisine. Food is subtle, bold and yet maintains the flavors without any compromises. This is the reason I feel that this restaurant should be looked as innovative and a place that has a bold concept, whenever people talk about – “ what’s new in the food scene in Delhi”. I too ask this question a lot these days. Chef Megha is definitely Chef Par Excellence.

Thai Street Affair At Thai Pavilion

City’s best Thai place hosted Thai street food promotion from the streets of Thailand (especially from village area). These dishes are served with a meal in a bowl, which is a complete meal in itself. Chef Prajuab Shoosridam shared that these dishes are based on the recipes back home, and he also sourced his ingredients from that place. You can read about them here.

China Kitchen 10th’s Anniversary

When they celebrated 10th anniversary in august 2017, they offered their customers 50% discount on food. China Kitchen is not only known for their pecking duck but also for serving the most authentic Chinese food in town. you can read about them here.

Olive Winter Menu

I always feel short of words when it comes to Olive. This winter menu again proves that Chef Dhruv Oberoi is definitely one of the most talented chef in the country. Unlike many other chefs, he is shy and not very socially active. He doesn’t posts frequently on Instagram, though I have been telling him to, for very long. Food at Olive is always excellent. And his usage of seasonal produce and choice of meats/sea foods and other elements are always fantastic.  They always are an edge above others, when it comes to desserts. Last but not the least their cocktails are worth trying, especially the ones that are for winters 🙂

Kheer, Roseate House

Kheer at roseate House is certainly one of the best looking restaurant in the country. This is a 200 seater with lounge, bar sitting and the most luxurious dining place for Indian cuisine. If anyone comes up with a list of most Romantic restaurants in Delhi – Kheer will surely be a part of it! Chef Anuj has done some remarkable job and Chef Anand has churned out some of the finest desserts. You can read about them here.

Bengali food promotion at Taj City Centre, Gurgaon

I don’t remember when was the last time I had a full Bengali meal at any five star hotel in delhi. Chef Prabhanath from Bengal had prepared the most authentic Bengali meal.  I loved the Chingri Dab and the most authentic that I have ever had. I can never forget it flavours.

Burma Burma

For me, this was the find of the year. It took me more than one and half year to visit the Burmese restaurant serving vegetarian food and no alcohol. Their food has bowled me as each dish was unique and had different flavours. A must visit place regardless of your taste. You will fall in love even though it is all vegetarian – You can mark my words!. You can read about them here.

 Millet Lunch by Slurpp Farm and AnnaMaya

One of the take from the event was to include millets in our meals. They had been part of our food, 30-40 years ago and after the green revolution, we forgot about it. I was very impressed by the Agri Ministers’ speech and his knowledge of millets.  The Millet Lunch was curated by Slurrp farm and AnnaMaya, Andaz Delhi. Slurrp farm, founded by Shauravi Malik and Meghana Narayan is promoting millets and their products are selling like hot cakes. Lunch was delicious and I also realised that it’s high time we should start using millets. Chef Vipul Gupta of AnnaMaya, Andaz also uses millets at his restaurant and they are quite popular. You can read about them here.


Thus ends the best memories of 2017! I look forward to a great 2018!

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