Indians are no strangers to smoking. Global data shows that in 2015, India along with China and Indonesia accounted for 51.4% of all male smokers in the world. It is hardly surprising that our enterprising nation would hold back from trying something better when it came along. To the uninitiated, we are obviously talking about vaping. 

Vaping is the process of using an electronic device to generate the feeling of smoking.

So how does this happen? Well, the device, known as an e-cigarette or vape, converts an e-liquid to vapour without having to go through the process of burning tobacco.

I know, I know. I felt that way too when I heard about these for the first time. Like vapes were something from the future and like all good tech will come to India only once the world is done with it. Some preliminary research proved how wrong I was. Vaping isn’t the future in India. It is the present!

First of all, high-quality vapes, marketed by reputed Indian companies are easily available in India. They are available in a variety of amazing flavours- from menthol and green apple to grape and morning dew. Not to your taste? Special flavours like biryani, rasgulla and paan have also been introduced to cater to Indian taste buds.

Then comes the question of price. The price range for these futuristic devices starts as low as Rs 199 & goes up to several thousand Rupees for very advanced devices. Overall, e-cigarettes turn out to be much cheaper, if compared on a like to like basis. E.g. A packs of king-size cigarettes with 20 sticks in India will easily cost Rs. 300. However, a consumer can get a number of puffs with an EON Charge e-cigarette for as low as Rs. 125. Also, when you buy a cigarette, you tend to smoke it down till it’s over. There is no such restriction when it comes to vaping. You could easily take two drags and then stop. So, when it comes to cost, let me put your mind to ease and just say this- E-cig is a good bargain. We’re Indians, and don’t we love a good bargain?

Convinced but not sure where to begin?

Well, it’s very simple. In India, most vaping devices are easily available online and in retail stores. For example, I know a couple of people who bought  EON from an E-com platform called and got a quick delivery.

Vaping really has become very prevalent in India if the vaping clubs are anything to go by. All major cities have these. The members meet up regularly to guide newbies, compare different brands, share tips and new products but mostly, they help each other stay committed to quitting cigarettes. These clubs aren’t new either. Some of these are over three years old!

So, essentially, if you’re someone that’s trying to quit cigarettes – vaping is the way to go. It is proven to be way more effective than nicotine gum or patches and is easier to follow. Not only India but the entire world has embraced it (millions of people have quit smoking with the help of vaping). So, are you next?


Statutory Warning – Cigarette smoking is injurious to health


Disclaimer  – This post is sponsored by ITC Eon.



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