Delhi/NCR has numerous places that can be categorized as food hubs. I will share on four of the food hubs that I have been to recently and cover more in the coming months as well. The food hubs for today are the ones at Sector 29 – Gurugram, CyberHub, One Horizon Centre and Sangam Courtyard. Sangam isn’t a big place, however, it has a couple of restaurants that people frequent for various reasons.

You definitely must be wondering why we are referring to these places. Well, I have been to these places recently and have noticed a lot of changes and would like to share my experience.

Food Hub – Sector 29, Gurugram

This is certainly one of the most happening places in Delhi/NCR. Weekends are crazy and some of the weekdays are crowded too, as this place offers great deals. However, I have my reservations about this hub. Most of the restaurant barring few, serve not just mediocre food but drinks are below average as well. This place is mostly for teenagers and office goers who would want a quick bite or are looking for cheaper deals. Philtre is one of the happening places here apart from Prankster. Ammy dua, Neeraj Sharma, and Gaurav Radhuvanshi have created this place with a lot of passion and energy. Ammy Dua is an award-winning mixologist and his cocktails and stories are outstanding. You must go and try their cocktails and it is highly recommended. Neeraj is a champion in service and Gaurav is an excellent chef. While their cocktails are to die for some of their dishes are absolutely worth trying. Phitlre is the place to watch for, in Sector 29.

Cyber Hub

It used to be my favorite place before they extended it to other buildings and killed the entire concept. The Supreme Court ruling of 500 meters to has killed this hub completely. Well, before cyber hub could bounce back, One Horizon Centre picked up. Well, Burma Burma definitely stands apart and has a different concept and is a must visit.  I visited Twist, a few weeks ago and they have opened a new bar concept ‘Shout’. This place is serving Indian food and some great cocktails. This place is always buzzing as the food is great and so is their selection and collection of wines. However, other than Twist, even on a Friday night, the cyber hub wasn’t buzzing the way it should be on a Friday night. Food at twist is always super and now with ‘Shout’, they are even better. Do try their cocktails and bar food when you are next at cyberhub.

Sangam Courtyard

This, in particular, is a small place as compared to other food hubs in Delhi/NCR. Very selected restaurant – Nueva, Ziu, and others. Café Delhi Heights is always buzzing though my experience has never been good here. Ziu is excellent while Fatty Bao has lost its charm. Delhi Club House has become a place for ladies kitty party. Nueva has excellent food and we were there to celebrate Peruvian food organized by the embassy of Peru. Food is great and so is their pisco sour – A place that you must visit!

One Horizon Centre

This is perhaps the most happening place in Delhi/NCR. Not only the selections of restaurants are superior but the facility too is excellent. I went to One Horizon Centre on the launch of Artusi and then visited Whisky Samba, which was buzzing. I went again to Whisky samba for the Dimsum Bros pop. These were one of the best dimsums that I have tasted in recent times. This place has certainly the finest bar in town. Their cocktails are not just outstanding but are made with perfection. Look and feel of this place makes it great during lunch time and it is always buzzing in the evening. You will love the ambiance.

Well, these were the quick experiences that I had to share.Next, I will pick up some more food hubs of the city and share my experiences.

If you do have some place in mind, please share and I would want to pick that up for my next story.


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