It all started at Ek Bar. My first meeting with Nitin Tewari was at Ek Bar launch. His cocktails were outstanding and his passion towards cocktails cannot be ignored. I have met him multiple times at different places and every time he has wowed me with his innovation. His Indian cocktails – the old delhi sour, the royal indian punch and the city of Nizam’s have always been my favourite.

So, what’s new now? Well the story is Nitin met Tanisha Phanbuh at Ek bar. They fell in love and got married.

Now Tanisha and Nitin are back together at Ek Bar and have come back with their north eastern food. Taisha became famous with Living zFoodz Channel’s Femmie Foodie, where she was called #tribalgourmet by none other than Ranveer Brar.

Tanisha is doing #NorthEasterPopUp at Ek Bar and Nitin, in his usual self is doing what he is best at  – Cocktails. Bhoot Jholakia Mary is a take on traditional Bloody Mary. As the name suggests, the drink is perfectly blended with the hottest chilli and gives you a strong kick. I am sure you are going to love it.

Since the pop up is at Ek Bar, Tanisha has done small plating which goes well with the drinks.

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Smoked Pork Old Fashion made with pork infused whisky and Bhut Jolokia bitters

Aloo muri is the shilong version of classic Bengali jhal muri, perfect zing because of mustard oil and has excellent flavour. Pork belly in sesame paste was my favourite dish and Abhishek too loved it. That is Tanisha’s signature dish. Baby potato made with tree tomato, a tangy fruit which is from Northeast is a perfect dish for any bar. Momos which we had here are very different from what we eat in Delhi.

And the chilli garlic sauce and coriander chutney were complimenting the momos so well that we finished them in no time. Last but not the least, don’t miss the bhoot jholakia chicken wings. You can always ask for your spice level to suit your palate. These wings were the best that I have eaten.

The #NothEasternPopUp at Ek Bar is not to be missed and with Nitin’s magical cocktails brings the kick and zing which makes everything, even more delicious!


Picture Credit  – Ek Bar

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