I have dined at Arriba before and I think that the Mexican food served here is of another level altogether. This is the place where I fell in love with avocado which I always considered overrated. Their Guacamole is to die for. When I got to know that Chef Noah is planning to showcase a never before tasting menu I knew fireworks are gonna happen. I am glad to get a slot in one of his tasting sessions and experience the authentic flavors of different geographical regions of Mexico.

The Chef’s tasting dinner ‘Mexico Con Amor’ is again scheduled for 12th December 2017 and will take you on a culinary journey that’ll let you experience the traditional dishes of every region of Mexico. It can be booked through the ‘Insider’ app or the website and I would say that the experience is worth your every single penny.

Arriba, mexican cuisine, chef noah, urbanescapades.in, lifestyle and food blogger and photographerThis specially curated dinner menu has a total of 9 dishes, from 7 geographical regions of Mexico and every second dish is paired with a different Margarita. If you don’t know it already, Arriba’s tequila-based margaritas are among the best in the capital and their tingling refreshing taste goes perfectly well with the spiciness of Mexican cuisine.

Northern Mexico inspired ‘Aperitivo’ being amuse bouche consisted of a Tortilla Chip topped with guacamole, pickled onion, jalapeno jelly, chevre & sour cream, smoked tomato, and chives. This flavor bomb gave us a sense of the brilliance of food that was going to be served later in the evening. ‘Arrachera and Machaca’ from the Gulf area of Mexico, that was basically Mexican Steak with pulled tenderloin, was sheer excellence. That steak was the juiciest I’ve ever had and taste wise it was at par with the steaks I had in France.

The various mini Tacos were inspired by The Bajío (lowlands) region of West North-Central Mexico and their different fillings included slow roast jackfruit, chili pepper chicken, pulled pork, coriander and smoked tomato fish and habanero infused oil with shrimp. It is actually difficult to tell which filling I liked more but the one that was most unique was jackfruit as it felt like some exotic meat. Rainbow Dusted Chocolate Churro actually took me to Churro heaven. I haven’t had a better churro in my life, crunchy on the outside while soft fluffy center oozes out as you take a bite. The chocolate chili dip was simply an icing on the cake.

Arriba, mexican cuisine, chef noah, urbanescapades.in, lifestyle and food blogger and photographer


I must, however, make it clear that this dinner is curated strictly for nonvegetarians as the other dishes include Mutton, Mexican sausage rice, and red snapper.

I’m convinced that finding world-class international cuisine is possible in India. It’s made possible only by some brilliant Chefs like Noah Barnes who not only have a vision but also competence to execute it. After all, it’s all about the Chef!


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