Whether it is a short or a long vacation, I always prefer exploring SPA.  This time we decided to take a short break at ‘The  Leela Ambience Convention Hotel’, Shahadra, Delhi. Shanaya, their spa centre had a large range of spa to offer. I chose 60 minutes Swedish Spa. This place is known for its luxury spa and means relieving the body from stress, fatigue and tension. You also get to explore and discover traditional therapies that uses unique settings for relaxation. These spas help nourish mind, body and soul. The massage uses long flowing and gliding strokes, kneading of muscles and applying rhythmic pressure. One should opt for it relaxes muscle tissue with a combination of joint movements.

It was a very relaxing session of 60 minutes. Post this, I entered into private steam and sauna session that is important as it increases blood flow and respiratory circulation to enhance the massage therapy. The steam bath is a necessity as it removes toxin through sweat. It is also recommended for the beautiful glow as blood vessels expands and oxygen and nutrients nourish the body.  A 20 minutes of steam helped in my respiratory flow too.

After the steam session, I entered the private sauna room. The temperature was perfect. Sauna session of another 20 minutes helped raise my body temperature. Sauna helped cleanse and rejuvenate my skin and the induced sweat production helps in dislodging toxins as well as our heart works harder as it pumps more blood. The wet team and dry sauna opens up pores and loosens muscle that helped me to relax further. Thee rooms share therapeutic benefits. Shanaya Spa, The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, urbanescapades.in, maneesh srivastva luxury lifestyle blogger and photographer, spa and wellness blogger

Post sauna, a cold shower is of utmost importance. This will close your pores. This enables the blood to flow back in your organs and increases your immune system. Post the shower I came out refreshed, rejuvenated and the whole session of massage, steam, sauna, cold shower cumulated to 2 hours of enhanced detox and a glowing skin. This was followed by a lovely green tea.

Truly this place stands upto its name – Shanaya  – which means first ray of the sun and as they claim, this place bring fresh beginning of another beautiful day as their team of experienced therapists relieve us of stress and fatigue while charging up our mind, body and soul!

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