I was recently invited to attend the 5th National Health Writers and Editors Convention, HEAL Foundation which was held at Radisson Hyderabad Hitec City. At the convention, the launch of one of a kind online second opinion application called Trustdoc was done. Presently affordability, availability, and accessibility are the three A’s that govern the healthcare sector. Trusdoc addresses inaccessibility, inconvenience, and affordability of tertiary care. One can get a second opinion in less than 72 hours because when it comes to a medical situation, opinion matters!

It was enriching to interact with 81-year-old Dr. Y. N. Rao who is a former professor at Indian Agricultural Institute, New Delhi. Dr. Rao who had a condition called sinus bradycardia recently put a wireless pacemaker. The procedure which took less than an hour was done in a cath lab. Dr. Rao told me that he feels more comfortable and active after the procedure while his wife added that he looked better post the procedure. It was indeed heartening to see technology change lives.

And what better way to see technology first hand than by visiting the Medronic Engineering and Innovation Centre (R and D Centre) in Hyderabad? After a warm welcome at the site, we were addressed by Madan Krishnan, Managing Director, Medronic followed by Dheeman Vaida, Director-PR and Communications, Medronic and Rob Clark, Vice President, Global Communication and Corporate Marketing, Medronic.

Divya Prakash Joshi, Site Director divided us into 3 groups and we were shown the design innovation lab, electrical lab, wet lab which had 3 D printers, sterilization, and a stability chamber. A steaming cup of coffee/ tea and snacks as the delegates went through a Q and A brought the convention to a meaningful end.

Khursheed Dinshaw


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