maneesh srivastva, lifestyle blogger and photographer,, Rahul Dutta, Mobile film making, WD House Once I’ve been a student of Mass Communication and filmmaking was an integral part of my course. We were taught the most complex aspects of filmmaking but since technology has taken over, filmmaking is not difficult if the best equipment is at your disposal. The recent workshop I attended at WD House made filmmaking look like a breeze.

Rahul Datta, the founder of Starving Artist Films, is a rockstar when it comes to making short films and his unique style of filmmaking makes sure the audience never blink their eyes. He strongly believes that if you put ten thousand hours into something, you are going to be best at it, and his shot taking abilities show that he has put in those ten thousand hours. His editing prowess to is reflected in his work. He doesn’t capture a shot for more than 3-5 seconds which is the ideal time frame for capturing a perfect moment. Specifically while taking shots through mobile, mostly handheld, short duration clips are more practical.

This workshop was not designed to help you become a filmmaker, as that requires a lot of other skill sets and more sophisticated cameras, lenses and types of equipment. This workshop aimed at helping us tell our stories in a much better way. Since social media is about sharing your personal life with others, what better way is there than to share a well thought out and well-executed video. Though the mobile camera is not the best camera you can afford, but that’s the one you always carry with yourself. If used effectively, one can never miss an important moment.

Rahul Datta also helped us learn how to use our body for the better shot taking, how to use reference points to create movement, how to stitch the clips in a way that the flow of the video is seamless and how to effectively gel it with the background music. He also showed us a few of his short films which related to weddings, travel, advertisements etc, few taken with and few without mobile.

I could connect dots by dots and really did understand how he has applied his filmmaking principles in his productions and each one of those short features was probably the best I’ve ever seen.  You too can check the videos out. Starving Artist Films is available only on Vimeo.

maneesh srivastva, lifestyle blogger and photographer,, Rahul Dutta, Mobile film making, WD House The workshop was held on the second floor of WD House and as soon as I entered the place, the first thing that came to my mind was that it can perfectly serve as an art gallery. The classy interiors are perfect for art exhibitions, seminars, workshops, music performances and talks by distinguished speakers. A short conversation with the owner revealed that all these things are on the cards. The lower two floors are equally classy and though the seating is really simple, the overall interiors give you a very positive, peaceful and calming vibe. I am yet to try their food and that too is on the cards.


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