Some stories are worth sharing. The story gets interesting and exciting when you hear it from the mouth of the story teller and all the more worth narration when it is real.

When the entire industry had been crying three fold on liquor ban (I didn’t support the ban though). Yet, there are some places that are flourishing as they have always believed in their food. Here is the story of Burma Burma, The concepts on which this restaurant is based, never had a place for alcohol. Burma Burma’s cyber hub location is doing extremely well; even better than their Mumbai restaurant.

When I heard in early 2016 that a Mumbai based vegetarian restaurant is opening in cyber hub I was skeptical because as it wasn’t a thali place or any Haldiram kind of place which is expanding in Delhi. I was very intrigued to understand what makes Burma Burma such a brilliant concept and it has been working so well.

They recently opened at Select City walk and I was super excited to meet Ankit Gupta, the man behind one of the most successful brand Burma Burma. This is their third outlet, and soon they will open in Bangalore and then they plan to venture out into international locations

I was curious to know that how he managed to run a vegetarian restaurant with amazing success. His answer got me thinking. He said “we never promoted Burma Burma as a vegetarian restaurant because then we would restrict our customer base. We promoted it as a Burmese cuisine restaurant. We also don’t have our menu online, as we want our customers to come with a blank slate and the team here is equipped and trained to explain each detail that we offer and serve. Once you eat at his place, you will come out with an experience of a lifetime. ”

I went there to meet and understand the philosophy behind Burma Burma and to understand what makes this restaurant so successful in a city like Delhi which has difficulties moving beyond the butter chicken, dal makhni, and booze. You will be surprised to see the food there. It is all vegetarian and I didn’t miss my non-veg (if you know me well, you know my love for meat ;-)).

Let’s now talk about food. The tea leaf salad and the raw mango salad are star salads. The cured and pickled tea leaf adds zing to the salad. The crushed peanuts add crunch to the raw mango salad. The powder of roasted chana adds more flavor to the salad. Samosa soup (don’t jump to conclusion yet) is delicious and a must try. I wouldn’t kill the suspense of the ingredients until you understand the concept by visiting this place.  One of my favorite dish was corn cooked with coconut milk served with the flakiest paratha. Even a carnivore like me couldn’t resist and I finished it all :). They have varieties of Khao sue and I suggest you try them. I loved the dry one.

For dessert, smoked avocado with honey ice-cream and durian (the forbidden Asian fruit) ice-cream can’t be missed.

I would suggest you visit Burma Burma with an open mind and enjoy the food and of course, you can thank me later J – the food is divine and different!

Some brownie points

I was impressed with their Human Capital management. Their HR system should be used as a model for stand-alone restaurants. Their focus on L&D of staff and constant engagement towards their betterment is worthy of admiration. Ankit also shared that their cyber hub restaurant’s attrition is almost 0% which is rare in F&B industry.


maneesh srivastva, lifestyle blogger and photographer, , burma burma, ankit gupta, burmese cuisine, hunger pangs pvt ltd
Steamed Buns
maneesh srivastva, lifestyle blogger and photographer, , burma burma, ankit gupta, burmese cuisine, hunger pangs pvt ltd
maneesh srivastva, lifestyle blogger and photographer, , burma burma, ankit gupta, burmese cuisine, hunger pangs pvt ltd
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