maneesh srivastva, lifestyle blogger and photographer, , taste of garhwal, hilton garden inn bani square The cuisine of India is so diverse that it’s difficult to explain when someone asks you – what is Indian cuisine. It is said that at every 100km the cuisine changes. It’s so diverse and complex that at times it’s difficult to imagine that what should be the crux of Indian cuisine.

Even in the same state, the food differs.  In Delhi, we have seen a lot of regional food festivals promoted by star hotels. It’s good to see that our chefs are promoting a lot of regional cuisines.

One of the impressive thing about Hilton Garden Inn is that they continue hosting festivals and doing a lot of good work to promote regional cuisines. Moreover, they promote their own team of chefs. Earlier they had hosted Sand prior to it was the Rajasthani food festival ( Executive Chef Sunil is from Rajasthan )

This time they have come up with a new promotion and the cuisine that has been picked is very new to our palate. Devbhoomi as we know Uttarakhand is very diverse and so is the food. Since the name is dev bhoomi which means land of Gods and which further indicates that the food mainly is vegetarian. Not that people do not eat non-veg; however vegetarian is the broad theme. This time Chef Rajesh who hails from Uttarakhand is the man behind this festival.

But you will be amazed to know that even though it’s known as devbhoomi, the tradition of Sikar which is very prominent in out ancient history also has its traces here.

PATO is coated with wheat flour and not with besan. Chakor is a kind of bird which is eaten in Uttarakhand. Their vegetarian food is simple with minimal spices and since most of the pulses are roasted, you will get the Smoky flavor.

This festival is on until 20th of September and you shouldn’t miss it because these delicacies aren’t available in Delhi/NCR.

PS – their chutneys are must try especially the one with onion and chili and sesame.

 maneesh srivastva, lifestyle blogger and photographer, , taste of garhwal, hilton garden inn bani square


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