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Over the years our lives have changed drastically and we have become more technology dependent. Also since the cost of living is getting expensive day by day our lives have come more like a machine where emotions are now taking back stage. Too serious..yes…I know…

Very recently, while coming back from a launch in Gurgaon, I tried checking my Facebook (as usual) and was unable to login….i didn’t realize and it was too late so I got straight into bed. Next morning when I checked in – it was the same, I wasn’t able to login. I panicked! The FOMO (fear of missing out, if you don’t know what that, google and you will be surprised) had started giving me panic attacks.

Finally, I realized that my fb account has been hacked and locked (when I tried attempting to login multiple times and failed). What should I do now? How will I spend my day? How will I stalk XYZ? How will I know that who is talking about bloggers and in which group people are talking about bloggers to get cheap publicity (I will share later).

Then there was this moment of realization and I told myself – “Dude you need to chill, there is life beyond Facebook”. I am anyways not a big fan of chatting, I prefer to call and talk. I took this as blessing in disguise and started meeting with friends, and I had good fun. We talked for hours, discussed, and since there was no fb, I didn’t keep ‘checking’ my phone.

I realized that life is much better than the life we spend on Facebook and claim that this my virtual family and blah- blah. The life which you see on fb is fake, unreal, pretentious and full of jealousy. What people pretend on the virtual world is far away from reality. These are not your friends, but socially ill people and you get judged on the basis of your presence in social media.

Have you ever thought that when there was no fb, no smart phones, as a kid, you used to have more fun? What happened to that part of our life? We have become so depended on these apps/gadgets/Platform where even birthday wishes are being sent on WhatsApp.

Our life is moving towards a virtual life where most of the time, we are dependent on technology, which removes the human touch.

Well, I have realized that real life is much better than virtual life – It has emotions, feeling and a sense of togetherness. Live your life beyond facebook – it’s real and it’s worth it.


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