I have been very passionate about food since my childhood and the credit goes to my grand mom as she had always encouraged us to help mother in kitchen, which in turn forced us to learn cooking. It was a blessing in disguise and I am thankful that I learnt cooking, even though in those days it was stereo typed that boys don’t cook – it is girls who should learn to cook at an early age!

I still cook and enjoy the same. Though I am not as good as my grandma or my mom, yet whatever I cook, my wife and son love it. It makes me feel good when I see the sparkle in their eyes whenever I cook even the simplest of things.

I feel I am yet to get expertise to become a better critic. I am on the journey and I prefer it this way. I do not like a story where instead of sharing experience, we dwell more into dissecting the dish and overanalysing, which gets too boring to read.

Every human is different and so is their palate. I write what I feel while tasting and my taste buds guide me – it’s like all senses working together to share a story of the meal I had. You may choose to disagree and it is perfectly alright if you do not like what I write.

I would suggest you to move ahead with your experience instead of being disrespectful towards my write-ups. This is not about being biased, but about personal experiences. Today, I would like to share how it started.

No one guided me and the journey started on its own. I had the urge to explore. It was self-motivation to have ventured into this space and create a brand. I wouldn’t discuss in detail about dishes when I wrote as it wasn’t about the recipe; it was about the dining experience.

With my imperfect skills, I continued writing and was able to create “The urban Escapades” which is a name now known to many. I am proud of where we stand and the future opportunities that await us.

I also would want to talk about people who are behind the success of the blog and have taken it to greater heights.

I met Gaurav, at one of the foodie meet. I liked his sincerity and his honest response. A great quality that makes him very important to this group is that he understands the vision that we have for our brand. Together, we have grown and he will always remain as the integral part of the blog. We are planning to start a new chapter on our blog where he will cover stories on some interesting cities.

I met Gauri on one of the facebook group and we clicked instantly. I must say that her attention to details was highly noticeable. She is very passionate about food and her stories are always a pleasure to read. She has now moved to Pune and is running her café which is for pets ( dogs) I am very proud of her and wish her all the best in her life. She has always been part of us and will always continue to remain so.

Teena Khanna has always been a great friend and I knew her before starting my blog. She is an IHM graduate, certified coffee taster and wine taster. She is the technical honcho of the blog. She is very sharp, writes crisply and knows her stuff very well.

Khursheed got introduced through Sonali and since then there has been no looking back. She is one of the most respected journalist and a freelance writer. She handles most of our travel, covers the western part of India and international assignments. Her knowledge has helped us a lot to grow as a team.

I met Abhishek through one of the fb group and realized that he fits in the team perfectly. A lawyer by profession, he is very passionate about food and a gem of a person. We needed him to take The Urban Escapades to greater heights

This post is incomplete if I don’t mention Naina. She is not only my life partner but also my biggest critic. Her valuable suggestions have always helped me to shape my stories better. I definitely owe my success to her because of her support, spirit, and suggestions.

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