If you have been following my social media updates off late, you must have noticed that I have been reading quite a lot these days. Over the last several months. I have read more than 200 books. I have never been into reading and picking up a novel was a nightmare earlier. My journey to reading started more with picking up books on relationship and love.

I started with Ravindra Kumar and then I moved on to read Preeti Shenoy, Durajoy Dutta, Savi Sharma, Ratna, and Sandeep Nagarkar. Most of the books are similar to mills and boons that one reads during late teens.

Except for Preeti Shenoy, whose writing is more mature and clearly has fantastic books to her kitty. DurajoDuttata and Satish disappointed me with their boring and very predictable stories. I love whatever Preeti Shenoy. Though Chetan Bhagat continues to be my favorite and India girl has been his best creation.

I do come across people who smirk and even laugh as they feel Preet Shenoy and Chetan Bhagat cater to just teens and me reading such books at this age is hilarious for them. Some folks will not understand the journey and not everyone is into reading. This can start at any age and it takes time to develop the passion. Then comes the interest on “subject” and flow of writing. I feel more connected to the story when English is simple and so is the narration. It keeps my interest high. Hence I continue with my fascination with reading and talking about these authors and reading their books, in spite of what people say or think. Well, that’s me!

Today I would like to talk about two autobiographies that I read recently. Incidentally, both writers have the film background. I believe you have already guessed it. The 1st is an unsuitable boy by Karan Johar and the 2nd is khullam khulla by Rishi Kapoor. Both of them come from a film background and more or less had a similar upbringing, Kapoor khandaan is considered to be the first in Indian cinema. Both the authors are very passionate about Hindi cinema and love Bollywood melodies.

Though Karan Johar is younger, yet his passion for old Hindi songs is impeccable. Rishi Kapoor is from the era that we simply can call as the golden period of Hindi cinema. Rishi Kapoor has shared a lot of insight of those days, including how passionate our music directors, singers, and actor used to be because there was nothing digital those days. The melodies of yesteryears are what some of us keep humming even today!

Talking about the autobiographies, I personally felt that while Karan’s tone was very positive and very affirmative towards fraternity; Rishi Kapoor was very negative. His whole story revolved around one movie “Bobby” which to me was more about Raj Kapoor’s attempt at survival and the glamor of Dimple. Apart from that, his movies have been mediocre and he was not considered as a great hero/star.

He was in the era of Amitabh Bachchan and his frustration clearly showed that he was very insecure. While Karan was never insecure and gives due credits to his well-wishers; he has made some of the biggest blockbusters of his times and is still considered as one of the best directors. I was expecting more maturity in Rishi Kapoor’s autobiography and not negativity.

If you are a fan of these folks or simply love picking up autobiographies – It will be an interesting pick and a sneak-peek into their lives and thoughts! Go ahead, still read them and share your own point of view! Happy reading!

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