maneesh srivastva, lifestyle blogger and photographer,, SPA – the word brings a smile to my face the moment I get to know that I will be pampered in the most special
way. Wikipedia states that – A spa is a location where mineral-rich spring water (and sometimes seawater) is used to give medicinal baths. The belief in the curative powers of mineral waters goes back to prehistoric times. At Courtyard Gurugram, Downtown, we visited Tattva Spa for the couple massage. We truly enjoy getting pampered together. We were asked to choose from a range of massage oil, based on our liking and properties of oil. These oils are blend of various authentic aromatic oils.

While I chose Deep Tissue Massage, Maneesh preferred Swedish massage. We chose 90 minutes of relaxation.  Maneesh typically goes for Classic stress-relieving, medium pressure where they give varied strokes of gliding and kneading to promote circulation and an overall sense of well-being. I, on the other hand opted for Deep tissue massage as therapists use their fingers, thumbs, fists, forearms and elbows to stretch each muscle.

We quickly changed and slipped into a thin layer of disposable garments and wrapped ourselves in a towel. The therapists quickly cleaned our foot, a process where you begin to start relaxing. We then relaxed ourselves in separate beds next to each other. We were properly draped in towel and the only area exposed was the area being worked on by the therapist.

The therapists generously poured oil and began the process with their magic fingers. The way it worked for Maneesh was with each stroke of palms and fingers, the circulation of blood increased resulting in cleaning and nourishing of soft tissues. He felt relaxed and dozed off during the massage. For me it was applying adequate pressure at right points that helped in muscles to be more flexible wherever I felt stiffness. The entire body felt supple. It’s a very specific methodical treatment and you should go for it if you wish to treat stiff and painful trouble points like shoulder and neck. However, the therapist works on your entire body, thus releasing tension from your muscles.

With each stroke, adequate pressure, we were relieved of tiredness and felt more energetic as well as relaxed. Our indulgence didn’t just end with the 90 minutes of aromatic massage. We headed together for a steam bath. The temperature was right and we simply sat close to each other as the steam did its magic of reducing toxins, stimulating blood circulation. Steam bath helps in opening up pores and in absorbing the oils that was used during your massage. We continued for 15 minutes.

We then headed to take bath together and the therapist checked if we would like to move to separate washrooms. We preferred to be together to enjoy the warmth of washing each other. We finished off with shower and slipped into our clothes.

We were offered green tea after the entire session. As we looked into each other, we could see that we were relaxed and our skin was radiant than ever. We loved the spa, the indulgence of oil, the kneading of our muscles and togetherness of the pampering session.

What more do you need to know?  A couple massage at Tattva Spa is a shared adventure that you will enjoy. It forces you to relax and melts away your worries and makes you enjoy the present!

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