In 5 years of my blogging, I have been clearly enjoying the increasing viewership, comments, criticism, and appreciation on whatever I write. I have many fan followers who equally share my passion. The position that I have reached is similar to stardom – the way you earn fame through theaters /TV commercials/serials……… (Comparison to Bollywood or Hollywood is far off as I have a long way to go!) The road hasn’t been easy – quite bumpy and I improvise each day with an aim to be better in whatever I do or write.

Blogging started as a passion and became a full time job! Well, err….it requires your complete time – attention and devotion and hence a JOB in itself. But then, unless you have a professional degree in journalism or a certification related to F&B industry – picking this up as career is difficult!

No one asks a Blogger – How do you survive – what do you do in blogging as a Career? How lucrative is this as a career? Well – how many folks do you think, in the industry are into full time blogging? FEW is the answer. People either have full time jobs and pick this up as a hobby or they have a business/ contract that gets them fixed income or after years of blogging – they have reached to a stage that every word that they write – yields dollars!

I had read – Never ask a lady about her age! Never ask a man about his salary…I would add – “never ask a blogger how they survive!” You will come across endless topics/ suggestions/webinars/conversations/videos on how you can earn or make money with your blog as well as with blogging as a career! Career doesn’t mean POCKET MONEY. PR’s offering few bucks for Instagram posts isn’t the road to survival – these are POCKET MONEY that are required for college goers!

Well, in this road – you get to stardom – but then survival isn’t easy! It is true that you need to “MARKET” yourself better or rather be a salesperson – but have you ever actually read how much does one earn? Earning and survival requires patience, more like starting a business wherein you invest, yet ROI is negligible for few years!

In India, taking this up as a full time career isn’t a great idea unless you have a strong financial background! That is the reality which no one talks about openly. Everyone makes it sound that this profession yields quick bucks and all you need is to market yourself. People make it sound as if they are part of PAGE 3 and only high-strata

I would like to give you the truth – think about your journey as an amateur theater artist – to TV serials to bollywood to Hollywood maybe (how many get there?!!) and the time is longer than you expect!

Being a salesperson or storyteller isn’t all you need and links on “easy blogging” and threads on “how to make money” helps you with facts – however it doesn’t talk about REAL LIFE STORIES on the struggles and that, this isn’t a career yet in India, where people can survive easily through just being an “independent blogger”

As a blogger, each one of us have a long way to go – yet I would suggest – HANG ON! – learn the tricks – but be very careful and calculative, before you pick this up as a career –This isn’t about discouraging – but sharing reality to those who feel that blogging can be a full time JOB from day 1! It can take you even 5 years!

Some share their journey with pride – Few add fascinating words on how and what have they done for survivals – Nothing is easy and yet nothing is difficult – Try this journey at an stage – but do remember to be an entrepreneur in this field – you will need good financial support for long to survive and carry on!

Cheers and here is to fun – food – blogging and EMBRACE REALITY!

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