Cuisine of India is so diverse that it’s difficult to explain when someone asks you – what is Indian cuisine. It is said that at every 100km the cuisine changes. It’s so diverse and complex that at times it’s difficult to imagine that what should be the crux of Indian cuisine.

Even in the same state, the food differs.  In Delhi we have been seeing lot of regional food festivals promoted by star hotels. It’s good to see that our chefs are promoting lot of regional cuisine.maneesh srivastva, lifestyle blogger and photographer,,

I have traveled across India and have tried lot of regional food, either at homes or at restaurants. I have never tried food from devbhoomi , as we know, this is how Uttarakhand is known. Since the name is dev bhoomi which means land of Gods and which further indicates that the food mainly is vegetarian. Not that people do not eat non-veg; however vegetarian is the broad theme.maneesh srivastva, lifestyle blogger and photographer,,

Executive Sous Chef Manoj Rawat has joined Le Meridian Gurgaon and was earlier with Eros Nehru place and I have had the chance to eat his curated food earlier too. He comes from Uttarakhand region and no one can better serve you food from devbhoomi than him.maneesh srivastva, lifestyle blogger and photographer,,

Latest Recipe which is the all-day dining of Le Meridian Gurgaon is hosting 10 days long Uttarakhand Food Festival and chef is showcasing food from his motherland.

After you relish the food, you will realize the difference – it’s fresh, minimum spices (he got special spices from Uttarakhand) and very much homely food.

Simple yet delicious chutney to accompany the simple and flavourful food of Uttarakhand. You wouldn’t find it anywhere else other than in the kitchen of pahadi homes. Some non veg dishes to savour too. Dal pakoda and Daud ( horse gram lentil filled poories ) was my favourite pick from the starters. I would strongly recommend you to try all the chutneys which chef has specially prepared. In the main course I loved the sikar meat ( simple delicious mutton curry ), bhutwa – a very traditional dish made using lamb tripes and daal which was accompanied by madua roti( maize bread).

Don’t miss any of the dessert specially bal mithai , singori and till ladoo. Festival is on till 30th  of this month.maneesh srivastva, lifestyle blogger and photographer,,


Quick Facts

Latest Recipe, Le Meridien, Gurgaon

Timing: 7 PM until midnight
Contact details: +91 8860609395
Food Festival is a part of the dinner buffet at INR 1999 plus taxes per person


Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.



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