I was searching for my next Monday story (this is one of our very popular series). Getting to write on a topic every Monday is a task in itself. I had been for a couple of reviews recently. Though I have reduced the number of reviews I do in a week, yet some of them have been monotonous and I am no longer enjoying it.

It used to be fun at one point in time, however, most of the times, I have observed that folks do not take interest in understanding the concept of the review. They are so engrossed with their phone that they hardly have any time to eat. I wonder at times, what kind of review they will write. These days chef’s table is rare as people have no interest left in understanding about what’s happening behind the scene. PRs’ too are more interested in numbers and hence the increase in invite for bloggers, Instagrammers, microbloggers and online magazine writers ( I heard about online magazine for the 1st time and will talk about it, in my next series)

I was once, at a blogger’s table.I have always been on time and ensure to engage in conversation with the chef, post which I enjoy my meal. It doesn’t matter much as with whom am I sharing the table as everywhere around people are engrossed in their smartphones. Hence I prefer to visit alone or else with a couple of my blogger friends who are serious about food reviews.

That day I realized that people are either obsessed with their phone or with themselves that they hardly figure out time to understand what exactly is going on. Most of the time, I have seen that people don’t even bother to understand chef’s philosophy. I wonder if we are not bothered about what chefs have done, then the purpose of doing a review is purely wasted.

Chefs put in a lot of efforts to prepare dishes using some interesting ingredients or have done something interesting which he would always love to talk about; however, if you are not interested in understanding his point then the whole purpose of review gets defeated. I remember when I went to The Park Hotel for the first time, I met Chef Abhishek.

He had excitedly shared the whole story behind the concept of their new menu; how they worked with people locally to source organic products and made sure that the supply is regular; how they developed the idea of growing their own micro greens and various other things! It definitely was fascinating to hear his story and share the enthusiasm. If I can’t spend time listening to him then I am not doing justice to his whole work.

I think it’s important that we take our work seriously as blogging is not just about sharing pictures on social media or writing about the dishes you enjoyed. There is much more to it. It’s about chef’s passion, his creation, his entire research process and a lot more. I hope new age media folks are able to understand and take it to the next level where they can relate not just to the food, but also the concept behind the creation!

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