maneesh srivastva, lifestyle blogger and photographer,,Last year, in early January, when we decided to minimize our reviews of café/lounge/bar, we wanted to be focused on what and how we would like to channelize and we were very sure, of how we wanted to take ahead our blog. Though I must admit it wasn’t easy, and we were expecting that we might not do a lot of reviews.

But the whole idea behind cutting it down was to make sure that we focus on quality and learn from our experiences and enable ourselves to write better stories. In our journey, we were ‘warned’ by a couple of bloggers that we might not be able to sustain for very long as, if we refuse reviews, we will not be further ‘invited’.

But I wasn’t afraid at all. In fact, I was very confident of what I was doing since I was focussed and had long term goals. Blogging has been my passion and over the years I have come a long way, though, I still feel I haven’t reached a level where I can call myself an expert.

Since the idea was not to look at numbers but focus on quality and exploring other aspects as well, we focused more on spirit and travel too.

What I actually miss at times is some sort of guidance, direction and may be some classrooms sessions to enhance and sharpen my skills, to understand things better, to write better and to express more freely! There has been a lot of self-learning, evolution and a constant urge to do things differently, creatively and also to have a style that will have a larger impact.

Since I am not a born writer, I always struggle with start and finish. Can you imagine most of the stories that I have written, I get ideas only when I am relaxing or about to hit the bed! The moment I get some ideas, I briefly create an outline and type on a notepad. If I wait to jot my thoughts later, I fail to recollect the story line.

There are multiple aspects of the story. At times, food is not good enough, chef is not interested, people around me at the table have no interest in food (they are only interested in sharing it on social media, rather than enjoying the food), or the event turned out to be a complete disaster ( while PR explained something else ) – It then, becomes very difficult for me to think or weave a story. There are other factors as well which certainly affects my writing.

Now that we have re-branded, it means the spectrum is broad and we are exploring new horizons. The start looks very promising and in last 2 months I have been to some great places and have really enjoyed various events. This domain is currently very new to me and again involves a lot of learning and I know I will do mistakes – But then, that’s how we learn isn’t?

We are working on new story lines, new concepts which you might see in coming months. We would love to hear your feedback and hence please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts.

I have decided to write about what we are planning, what’s happening at our end and what’s next!  Hopefully one such kind of post every quarter.

It will be great to know if you would want to read some specific kind of story and we would love to cover the same,


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