Being a big fan of monuments and architecture, I couldn’t decline an invite of a walk in Lodi garden. The icing on cake was that it wasn’t a regular heritage walk – it was a whisky walk. 

Sounds exotic?  Well yes – it was!. It was one of those, not so regular event, where people were only interested in drinking. Here the walk was to run you through the history of Delhi – through the rise and fall of Lodi garden – the influence of Mughal empire and different Muslim rulers that came to India. All of these were combined so beautifully that it became a memorable evening.

The heritage walk was conducted by India City walks and they have been doing it for very long. The walk started with an introduction and all of us were given a postcard which had every single detail about the monuments and the structure of Lodi garden. A well curated walk which takes you through every single details on each and every monument and leaves you spell bound.

maneesh srivastva, lifestyle blogger and photographer,,
From Left to right – Nelima Agarwal, Anchal Kaushal of Liquid Sunshine and Me

This was just one part of that fabulous evening. The other one was waiting at the Lodi garden restaurant where Anchal Kaushal of Liquid Sunshine was ready to take us on a whisky journey with 3 of glenfidditch single malt.  While the walk was full of information and fun, the tasting was equally fascinating. I have been to lot of tasting events before and even to lot of whisky tasting, but this was truly unique. I always admire the simple philosophy that Anchal follows – make people comfortable during the tasting event!

maneesh srivastva, lifestyle blogger and photographer,,
Ancha Kaushal of Liquid Sunshine

Smelling of ingredients with blind folded eyes and smelling objects to identify was the ice breaking of the session. Out of the three glen we tried 12 years, 15YO and 18YO , I personally liked the 12YO with little water. 12YO is crisp and you get the freshness and hint of honey.

I must say that this evening was for sure one of the most memorable tasting events and goodness factor will stay fresh for long!

P.S. – Drink Responsibly. We don’t recommend drink and drive.

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