This morning while I was going to filling station, I stopped at Mathew’s Café at R.K.Puram for breakfast. This place has been my favourite for ages. I have been coming here regularly, always good food at decent pricing.

While I was gorging on the parotta and veg kurma( just for 30 bucks, it’s great VFM) , I reminisced my childhood days, where in Ranchi I spent my best days of schooling. I am referring to time that takes me back to 35 years! (don’t guess my age :P).

Sundays used to be the most exciting day for us. Visit to different market in ranchi, eating food at various places; sometimes watching movies or going to kanke dam. At times we used to go for picnic to hundroo and dasham falls where mom used to make aloo parathas for us, along with sweet tomato chutney.

maneesh srivastva, lifestyle blogger and photographer,,
Firayalal Chowk now

You must be wondering, what’s new in this ? Everyone’s childhood memories are filled with picnic and fun time! Well, yes, but what stands out is that the memories which food creates, the taste of which still lingers on……

I fondly remember my episodes of eating dosa. One of the main attraction of eating dosa was refilling unlimited sambhar., I am sure most of you will agree to this and I think that was one of the main reason why we started liking it.

I remember my dad knowingly used to cross the market and tried to dodge us by skipping the new churuwala shop. Me and my sister would scream –“ papa who churuwala peeche reh gaya “

New churuwala was the place for us where almost every Sunday we used to eat dosa which was followed by the best chena piece, I never have had anything even closer to that. My dad those days used to be very active and like a true kayastha he was also great fan of non-veg.

Our favourite spot was “have more” which was close to Sandhaya Cinema – the place that used to make the best murg musallam , I am yet to find a place which comes even 50% closer to the murg musallam I had.

maneesh srivastva, lifestyle blogger and photographer,,

That’s not all! Softy at firayalal and then curd (sweet and yellow in color ) at Punjab Sweets would make our Sunday’s complete!

Even after more than 35 years, these things and places are still fresh in my mind, though the pictures are blurred – yet the memories and taste of food is still fresh and will always remain so.

There are lot of things which I can recall during our stay at Ranchi – Like I ate dhuska for the first time. There used to be huge size gulab jamun at lohardaga ( approx 45 km from ranchi ) close to Netarhat School. It was known as lodha mithai because it looked like the baatta( of sil batta). Never had such things after that.

What are your childhood memories? I am sure each one of us have their own sweet memories. Please share with us and we would love to repost on our blog.

Cover Picture Courtsey  – Trip Advisor 

Rest  – Divya Gaur

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