maneesh srivastva, lifestyle blogger and photographer,,I have been thinking of writing this since we moved to our new domain. Yes now we are – a luxury lifestyle blog!

Well this post is not about targeting anyone and hence the request to avoid taking it personally or drawing out any conclusions that demoralizes your mortal self. These days it’s very important to add disclaimer on the post you are writing, else there are excuses that are drawn to get into an argument.

What is fashion? It’s about how you carry yourself and the way your persona reflects your mannerisms. It’s not purely about what you are wearing. Brands don’t create image. It’s you, as you carry yourself that makes a brand popular. Wear your own style. Do not copy or follow but create your unique style. That’s fashion for me.

Isn’t it what we have been thinking on the same line? But India is a different market and so are its people. The easiest thing for us is to copy someone without even thinking twice whether it will suit us or not.

I am not an expert, especially when it comes to fashion. Neither I have any background in fashion nor have I ever been associated with garment industry. But there is something which I think is important and that is about – Going by your intuition and confidence on whatever you are wearing, helps defining your attitude, your style, your individuality and uniqueness Listen to your body, know yourself better, know your moves and then buy stuff that resonates with you! Trust me if you do this you will love it and feel more confident!

You will love the change, look at the clothes which you feel comfortable and forget about what is trending. Trends are misleading and traps you in a vicious circle of what fits and what does not! Create your own trend! That will be your style and your FASHION!

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#UrbanInitiative – Beyond Food

This story is part of our new initiative called #UrbanInitiative – Beyond Food where we will be focussing on areas that requires improvement and bring out stories that are important and desirable for elevating the entire F&B industry.

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