I am not a big fan of fancy interiors and swanky set up in a restaurant while dining out, instead  I prefer good service, good food and some good discussion with friends. That’s one of the reason I love going back to Eros hotel, Nehru place.

Umesh Dalal whom I have known for years, and Executive Chef Nikhil who has joined couple of months back have been managing the hotel quite well. This for sure is one of the best hotel in town in terms of F&B. Consistent food, excellent service and some super exciting food festivals are some of the key features of this hotel.

I have eaten at Blooms, their all day dinning and Singh Saheb( food from undivided Punjab) endless time and have never ever experienced mediocre food. I have visited Empress of China once for a meeting and their dimsum lunch was absolutely fantastic. maneesh srivastva, lifestyle blogger and photographer, urbanescapades.in,

This time they are hosting Yin and Yang festival at Empress of China which is on till 23rd of this month.

You must be wondering what is yin and yang? In simple words the universe is composed of two opposing forces and yet they complement each other. Another interesting fact is that every food has energy and hence Yin food is cool and expanding and Yang food is warm and contracting. Perfect combination of Yin and Yang balances the body. Empress of China followed the concept that imbalances in the life force results in illness and hence with the perfect combination of Yin and Yang, we can maintain equilibrium.

The food is prepared keeping this concept in mind. Asparagus, corn and mushroom salad was a perfect way to start a meal, followed by Lohan dim sum (crispy fried veg dimsum with burnt chilli oil). Chicken pot sticker and Chicken Sichuan was well made and had an excellent flavour. If you love Chinese cuisine, this festival shouldn’t be missed!

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