We have talked a lot about bloggers in past and we will continue to keep and draw all the attention. Blogging in India is still at a nascent stage and I believe that it may take another 5 to 7 years to mature.

Since the platform is free, anyone and everyone can open an account and become a blogger. While there is nothing wrong in it, but to sustain it for a longer term, or if you want to continue with keeping your blog alive, here are certain pointers which might be helpful.

Let me add some pointers that are purely based on my personal experience – Nitty grities that I have learnt and observed over 5 years.

Nothing is perfect in this world and hence in the world of blogging – some of these pointers may not apply to you and I would strongly suggest that even after reading it, you should have your own theory to follow.

It’s also important to understand that blogging requires lot of effort and time. I have also observed that people find the life of a blogger too fascinating and feel that blogging is a great source of “extra” income; freebies; amazing social life, fun, visit to numerous places, social strata, individual attention (it sure boosts morale and ego), being tagged with famous personalities – more like a PAGE 3 and the list is endless depending on the kind of blog one follows!

Like the saying goes – Grass is always greener on the other side. Your social status becomes a point of discussion amongst your friends and relatives.

Our favorite movie in Marvel – Spiderman we hear“With great power comes greater responsibility” So be responsible, respect the community, and help the community grow! If you are doing something which is unethical and doesn’t follow certain principals, the entire community gets questioned/scrutinized! Having said that – Still follow your heart!

  1. Identify your niche – it’s very important to identify your strong area as this will help you as you start penning your thoughts. This will also help you to create your own space in blogging.
  2. Read as much as you can – Without a doubt, his will help you to gain knowledge on the subject. I read 20-25 blog/website every day.
  3. Ask as many questions as you can/want – This is the most important aspect of blogging. Without having clear understanding about the event/assignment you will never be able to do justice. Bring your barrel of questions and place them to your PR and even client! Asking and seeking clarification about the project will also help you to decide whether this is relevant to your blog or not.
  4. Reach on time – Being punctual has always been good for me. I have gained immense respect and the best part is have enough time to talk to people and get content for my story. Try it out, it always helps.
  5. Study your subject – always do your homework and prepare yourself for the event, this will help you to create better story and your content will have a class.
  6. Take notes – I am still not good at it, but trust me when I do, this my articles are always much more detailed and more informative.
  7. Create your own writing style – While reading helps you in procuring information, is insightful, helps you understand the style of various bloggers – yet each individual has their own unique style. Do not copy, but identify yourself – your thoughts that flows freely, will help you define your style. That style of yours makes your blog unique!
  8. SAY NO – This is important! You need to understand what kind of story will help you grow and get more viewership. Don’t just jump to any event. Think before saying yes and understand whether the event will be useful for your blog. Learn the art of saying no politely and start filtering – This will take you to another league.

I hope you find these tips valuable. These are from my own experiences – Each to his own!  Look forward to hear your views too!


#UrbanInitiative – Beyond Food

This story is part of our new initiative called #UrbanInitiative – Beyond Food where we will be focussing on areas that requires improvement and bring out stories that are important and desirable for elevating the entire F&B industry.

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