The only connection that I can think, between me and Vietnam, is Chuck Norris 1984 movie missing in Action. Apart from that, recently I have been hearing a lot about the dish called Pho which seems to be the talk of the town these days.

Vietnam and Cambodia are the two countries which are very famous amongst Indian tourists. In the last couple of days, I have seen lot of my friends exploring either Vietnam or Cambodia and if I have to believe them, the food in Vietnam is simply fantastic

I had never tasted Vietnamese food and had no idea. Since I had heard a lot about the cuisine, I was indeed looking forward to the lunch that was to be hosted at Café, the all-day dining restaurant of The Hyatt New Delhi.

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Chef Quoc Vu Hoang and Chef Ms Thi Tin Ho from HR Danang Resort , Vietnam

We met  Chef Quoc Vu Hoang and Chef Ms Thi Tin Ho from HR Danang Resort, who had specially flown from Vietnam for the food promotion. Chef Abhishek explained and shared a lot of information on the cuisine. When we talk about Vietnamese food, we should know about rice in many forms (steamed, Sticky, noodles, pancakes), fish sauce, seafood, pork, beef chicken and tropical fruits (like banana, mango and papaya). I noticed the influence of French cooking and flavours from neighbouring countries like china, Cambodia and Thailand.

Banh – is like rice cake and rolls stuffed either with vegetable or seafood (prawns) which is generally eaten with different kind of dips that usually contains fish sauces.

Pho – the most popular street food of Vietnam, consisting of broth, rice noodles some herbs and is served with siracha sauce. This is the very popular dish and can be served at any time of the day.

The pomelo salad and rice spring rolls were the highlights of the appetiser and then came the main course – the chicken wings in tamarind sauce were outstanding, the pork was well made so was the chicken. While the banana with sago and coconut milk was just too good, I will pass on the sweet corn dessert.

After my experience, I can say that the Vietnamese food is very light, high on flavour and simplistic. This festival is on till 25th of this month and shouldn’t be missed. 


Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.

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