urbanescapades.in, maneesh srivastva food and lifestyle photographer, urbanescapades.inThis isn’t about a food review but is about one of my favorite chefs and my experience of his food that I enjoyed as I got the opportunity to visit frequently J

My first meeting with Executive Chef of WelcomHotel Dwarka, Chef Akshay Malhotra was one and half years ago………from then till now – the experience has been amazing.

I was there for Sunday brunch at Dwarka and as we know that ITC is known for its specialty in Indian Cuisine, but over the years I found that they were losing grounds( But I think Dwarka one is much better).

That Sunday turned out to be a memorable one. I realised after talking to chef that his passion for meat and grills is unmatchable, and that makes the pavilion 75 an excellent place not only for brunches (they are absolutely killer and very affordable, but the grills are amazing too!

Before moving to Delhi, he was earlier with ITC Agra. Very passionate about his work and very cheerful and an absolute meat lover – That’s Chef Akshay Malhotra!

And if you wonder how and why is he so passionate about grills and meats, you have to go back a little to know about his background.

Here is the story of our meaty chef, a graduate in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. He realized his passion and joined Culinary Institute of America, worked in the United States for 11 years before coming to India and joined ITC. He was the first chef to introduce goat-a-grill at ITC.

He is an avid traveler and a passionate foodie and loves to experiment with food. He feels that in India, we are yet to explore a lot more when it comes to experimenting with food. I more than agree with Chef! The Sunday had been memorable as it was fascinating to know that every part of “goat” can be turned into fantastic dishes.

And btw, his capital winter brunches are absolutely gorgeous. His selections of meats, locally procured fish (try Himalayan trout as well J ) and his cooking style – a deadly combination for food lovers and you shouldn’t miss winter Sunday brunches!

You should visit WelcomHotel, Dwarka and ask for Chef – and you will be delighted with the food experience that you get!

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