As a blogger I am always ready to take up challenges, whether it’s about trying something new, venturing into something which pushes me to explore myself, enhancing my knowledge and helping me to improve and get better every day.

I have always wanted to visit leh and Ladakh and wanted to capture the natural beauty of it. I also wanted to know what they eat, how they survive in the extreme conditions. While I am yet to visit and explore that region, I got a chance to taste and understand the food habits of Ladhakh folks.

Chor Bizarre doesn’t need any introduction and is perhaps one of the oldest and only restaurant serving mouth-watering dishes from Kashmir.

After opening at Bikaner House few months ago, they are hosting their first food festival from the region of Ladakh and Jammu.

Ladakh has impact of Tibet and you will get to eat lot of food from that region which otherwise is not available. The momos which I ate here, is actually how original momos are, while what we eat in Delhi is not even close to it.

Gyathuk which is also known as thupka is a typical Tibet dish made of flat noodles and served as a soup with mix of vegetable and meat. Simple, light broth with lot of flavours., The Flavour of Ladakh and Jammu , chor bizarre, maneesh srivastva food and lifestyle photographer,

Chu-tagir, momos and gyathuk are all made from wheat flour and are staple dish of Ladakh region. Because of the non-availability of spices, the food in this region is more in the form of soups and momos and they use lot of vegetable and meats.

Jammu being close to himachal, the food is lot more inspired from that region. Kalaadi which is made from cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk and sometimes from goat milk, is a traditional ripened cheese from Udhampur , Jammu. Taste is very similar to cottage cheese or mozrella. This region is known for rajma and you should definitely try the rajma here. The khatta meat is made from juice of pomegranate, sour ambal and pumpkin shouldn’t be missed.

The Ladakhi cuisine has been curated by His Highness King Jigmed Namgyal and Her Highness Rani Spalzes Namgyal of Ladakh. And the Dogri dishes from Jammu have been curated by Ms Neha Prasada, author of the book ‘Dining with the Maharajas’ that covered the food and social history of the royal families of India.

The festival is only for five days and I strongly suggest you to visit this place. The flavours of ladakh and Jammu is on from 1st feb to 5th feb.

, The Flavour of Ladakh and Jammu , chor bizarre, maneesh srivastva food and lifestyle photographer,

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