I am not very fond of food of Amritsar, except for few places like monu ke kulche, kanha ki puri and some more. But again that’s my point of view and lot of people may not agree with it, which I believe is perfectly fine as people have varied tastes and likings.

Singh Saheb at Eros Nehru Place is definitely one of my favourites when it comes to eating non-veg along with Dilli 32. The team at Eros Nehru place is perhaps one of the best and in past they have hosted some of the best festivals in town. Nikhil Rastogi is now Executive Chef at Eros and along with him, Director F&B Umesh Dalal, (stands a class apart) and Nupur Gupta, Manager Marcom form an action-driven, energetic and efficient team – I expect nothing but best from them J and trust me, every time they exceed my expectations.

As we say food tastes better when you eat with friends; at Eros this has become quite regular. Besides food, I always look forward to go to Eros, as it is the experience that has always made a lot of difference and their wonderful team ensures that no stone is left unturned, when it comes to enjoying your meal!

Chef Nikhil and Umesh Dalal along with few other folks, went on a trip to Amrtisar (without taking me along 😛 ) and apart from the usual, they discovered new things too.

Before I tell you what was new, let’s start with the usual or regular stuff. They have variety of starters in veg and non-veg section. I am not a big fan a beera’s chicken but Chef Nikhil liked it and he said I must try their version. Well, the grilled chicken was flavourful, moist and well cooked. Cooking chicken is a skill in itself as it’s difficult to make it delicious (am more of a meat lover); but the grilled chicken that I ate here was excellent.

The real discovery as Umesh told me was Telephone Exchange wali mutton chop. The best and the most delicious dish of the festival. Hand mixed keema , in a patty form, made on tawa and was absolutely mouth-watering. Another version was like taka tak of Lahore and was even more delicious. We couldn’t stop ourselves and finished two portions of it. It goes amazingly well with khameeri roti.

We finished our meal with hot and crisp jalebi. This festival you shouldn’t miss it and is on till 12th of this month.


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