maneesh srivastva, lifestyle blogger and photographer,,I don’t know about wine. This was my friend’s reply when I asked her to come for a wine event. This says a lot. This also indicates that we have to work towards creating an environment where people feel comfortable about talking and learning about wines. If we manage to do that, the number of people who would love to drink wine will certainly go up.

While I say this, I am not exaggerating, but accepting this fact and my wine expert friends know about it and they not only appreciate this honesty but they have been very supportive too.

I also know for the fact that some of you might be smiling while reading this and thinking “Finally sabko pata chal gaya isko kuch aata nahin hain “.I  have no problem in accepting this fact which always saves me from embarrassment when some of you swirl and smell mulled wine or sangria. You got the hint. Yes, I am talking about you!
I have never been interested in wine till the start of 2016 but since we decided that we will cut down the reviews of the cafe, which in my opinion is kind of a waste of time because most of them have been serving similar kind of stuff and I was getting bored. Though i still go for reviews to places that have a different and unique offering – food that is unique and tastes good – Food that is grounded and recipes that are lost & forgotten!

Cocktail innovation is another example of what draws me to a restaurant! Reviewing such places and creating a separate post on such drinks, not only defines the root of the restaurant, but also offers a different point of view to the reviewers. Moving forward, cocktails too is definitely going to make the mark and we are following it very closely.

Interestingly, I have met lot of people over last one year, where they pretend to know everything about wine. While we keep talking about international wines, I prefer sticking to Indian brands and I know they are doing phenomenal stuff in India. As I was discussing with someone on a wine event about Indian wines, the instant reaction was as if how foolish of me and expressed that all Indian wines are dry and that’s the reason for not partaking Indian wines.

Well, the conversation was very evident that without learning about the brand and the kind of wines we have, it was more of a show off that this person dwelled into!

And that’s the problem we have – I mean what is wrong with accepting the fact that I have no idea or very little idea about wine. Well, being snobbish closes the door of acceptance and new learnings. This being one of the reasons that wine yet hasn’t reached all the strata of the society!

Like the new radio mirchi slogan –“ kya dekh raha hai be” –  i would like to say that don’t pretend but accept your ignorance – It will clearly open a new horizon for you – a new learning for you.

Learn to enjoy your drink – Learn to enjoy wine! Note your experience! Even wine experts have their own conclusions! Do not follow anyone blindly – what matters, in the end, is the way you can enjoy your drink without adding any sophistication to it!


#UrbanInitiative – Beyond Food

This story is part of our new initiative called #UrbanInitiative – Beyond Food where we will be focussing on areas that require improvement and bring out stories that are important and desirable for elevating the entire F&B industry.

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