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Slow cooked tuna steak at Guppy

A meal at Guppy is not just a gastronomical journey, but it also enhances your knowledge. Chef Vikram is passionate about his work and always excitedly shares numerous stories about his journey and other interesting stories on food. The conversation always gets interesting when people weave and are able to share tit bits on facts.

Menu changes at Guppy, is almost twice in year and also some events get conducted throughout the year. These are the events that I look forward to every year, as whenever I visit Guppy, Chef Vikram always surprises me with his creations, followed by his stories.

So what’s new in the winter menu?

I am sure you want to ask this question before heading to guppy for a meal. Let me share what stays throughout “true” about this place. This is the best Japanese restaurant in town. You need not look any further and head to guppy, if you love Japanese cuisine. Now, here is what we have for the winter menu at Guppy.

Battera Sushi – one of the oldest style of sushi from Osaka. It’s a pressed sushi- a thin kombu paper over fish on sushi rice in a special box. Originally made with mackerel fish, but at guppy it was served with tuna and salmon.

Lamb Tobanyaki (one of the traditional Japanese cooking style)  cooked with daikons ( mild radish found in east asia) and hatcho miso – chunky in texture and pungent in flavour with seasonal vegetable served in special ceramic pot which keeps the food hot for long time.

Tuna Steak (Andaman tuna slow cooked) with ponzu sauce (a citrus based sauce used in Japanese cooking).

Chicken Ramen, a homemade egg noodles served in soya flavoured chicken stock, served with spinach and seaweed in a hot ceramic pot, a meal in itself.

No wonder not just the taste, but also the engagement this place has with its guests – makes me go gaga about Guppy. Thank you Chef Vikram Khatri! Guppy is the best when it comes to Japanese cuisine. Nothing else comes even closer to it.


Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.

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