, maneesh srivastva food and lifestyle photographer, urbanescapades.inIt’s a digital age and we are moving away from print media. The instant reaction that we get online, creates waves and people enjoy and get amused and find it more entertaining when we start getting a response to what has been posted. Numerous newspapers and magazines have stopped their prints and it shows how we are progressing towards being digital.

This article is for all the journalists who proudly and boldly write defaming articles on bloggers. I have high respect for journalists and infact, for all the amateurs and professionals of any field.  Any reference to “journalists” below is clearly a categorization made to those who have criticized bloggers!

I think it’s high time that someone should start protesting on behalf of bloggers and bring another point of view on journalists.

Are these journalists feeling insecure and losing their confidence on their own write up and have found blogging as an interesting mode to get some viewership? Off late it has become a trend to demean bloggers and negativity and criticism attracts more attention and thus helps to get more publicity. As everyone is free to speak their mind out, I have seen point of view being shared on various facebook groups where interactions and threads start and end by criticizing bloggers.

Well, let’s understand why journalists have problem with bloggers. Let’s not talk about their food knowledge, they may or may not have! Doesn’t that hold true for everyone, unless you have a professional degree or have done a course on F&B? All that journalists have is a professional degree on journalism…….is that what they love to brag about?

Journalism is the activity of gathering, assessing, creating, and presenting news and information. Each and every skill you need to run and manage a Blog is called blogging. Anyone who runs a blog is a blogger. It is all about writing, expressing and sharing experiences. The way there are amateur bloggers, similarly there are amateur journalists. The art and style of writing comes with experience.

Does this mean seasoned journalists have rights to mock on how a blogger writes on their blog? Do they need criticism or should they work towards encouraging bloggers? Simply calling out rules on how and what to write, what words to be used, seems more of their pride and ego that comes forth.

Alas! Lesson on leadership and bring best in a peer is what seems to be missing for people who take the help of mockery towards bloggers!

I have come across numerous situations where journalists landed at an event hosted by a five star hotel and particular ask for champagne stating that this is what they drink! Doesn’t it show the kind of knowledge you have on WINE? I wonder if they know the difference between champagne and sparkling? You are at a review and refuse to eat duck at a restaurant which is known for its duck and dimsum – what will you write about?  This holds true for everyone! These are basic etiquette and can’t be categorized into section of people who prefer to be called just journalists and media people and feel demeaned to be called “bloggers”.

Another instance was where a journalist at a Christmas party asked for mulled wine and before taking a sip – swirled it and then smelled. Any journalism degree can’t teach you on food and wine. You must be wondering then why suddenly we have some snobbish journalists who have started cribbing about the blogging community!

Some of the journalists have showed very unprofessional and rude behavior that has always irked the PR community. They treat PR’s as if they are to take ORDERS and they are GODS who need to be served and treated in an ROYAL manner. Will this be true for people who are not journalists and writers who love blogging? Yes, of course – This is about HUMAN BEHAVIOR and yet people go ahead and state that this is how bloggers behave! What about those journalists who visit restaurants for food review and roll up negativity in their sleeves for anyone and everyone who write!

Journalists forget that it is about connecting with society and that is what bloggers do. When it comes to food review, it reaches the common masses, the way they will perceive and understand. It isn’t important whether you added tamarind or sun dried tomatoes – what’s important is what you felt – your emotions and of course the taste!

Isn’t it interesting that journalists comment on clicking pictures with chef and recommend that just food pics need to be clicked? How ironical that in a fashion show, these journalists click selfies with the fashion designers! In a world where everyone loves to be associated with BRAND and FAMOUS personalities – is it really a topic to be written or discussed that people take selfies with ABC or XYZ?

You must be wondering why such statements! Why am I so resentful today?  I know, I have been reading this non sense for quiet sometime.  And now I think it’s high time that I should talk about it and retaliate and induce COMMON SENSE. This article is for all the journalist who proudly like defaming articles on bloggers.  It is not about JOURNALISTS vs. BLOGGERS – It is about how some people behave and you can’t THUS “BRAND” BLOGGERS as BAD.

Even as journalists, you weren’t born with the same skills! It took you more than decade or so to reach at a stage where you are. Well then, why mock bloggers who are budding in this area and provide their unedited version unlike what you had in the beginning of your careers – EDITORS!

Doesn’t this statement show insecurity and EGO of people– “If bloggers appreciate good food – it is to get invite.” Is it not about originality and what the blogger experienced? It irks me when a food critic claims that they pay their bills, while the reality is that they don’t even pay their car parking charges. It’s amusing when a food writer changes his statement about a particular restaurant, which was thrashed by him couple of years ago stating that the dishes are stolen from some international restaurants.  However, after two years when the chef got an award, his food was being appreciated by the same critic!

These stories do not come in limelight as this is not about being diplomatic and political. But some of the journalists do need to understand that blogging is yet not, a full time job in India unlike journalism.  Yet, bloggers are very confident on how they are progressing in the field of blogging!

Bloggers are here to stay. It’s the journalist who are losing their ground and that’s the reason behind the HATE STORIES on bloggers. So my dear journalists, if you hate bloggers, please realize that you are known because of your platform, which has been created with the brand that you got associated with, during your career as well as experience! On the other hand, bloggers have created their base through love and passion for this field and have put their efforts in running a BLOG. They do not have editors! Respect is what you need to have for people – Be it amateurs or professionals!


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This story is part of our new initiative called #UrbanInitiative – Beyond Food where we will be focussing on areas that requires improvement and bring out stories that are important and desirable for elevating the entire F&B industry.

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