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#FoodForThought – Food is Not Just For Survival, It Creates Memories Too!

Two weeks back when I was at Promenade Mall for shopping with my family, we were very hungry and were searching for a quick meal. On the second floor we saw Nando’s that got shut and Johnny Rocket was deserted. There has been events, promotions, coverage in social Medias and yet these places don’t steal the show. However Big Chill has always been rocking as usual. We went inside and luckily we got a seat. By the time, we finished our meal, there was a long queue with people happily waiting for 30 minutes.

This made me think that restaurants/café in Delhi spend lavishly on parties, launches, social events and yet fail to pull the crowd while places like Big Chill and Chor Bizzare( including the newly opened at Bikaner house, and there was wait period as well), continue to be the choice of people

While going back home, I was thinking that why don’t restaurants/café invest more, in hiring good chefs, in training their staff (service is a big issue in some cafes), procuring better and modern kitchen equipment’s and hiring experts to prepare their menu. Restaurant owners believe in getting everything in a menu and follow a safer path where they don’t invest much in good chefs. They focus on creating a world cuisine by ensuring the menu covers everything.  This results in mediocre food, below average service and even worst cocktails.

Another example is of rajinder da dhabha. It’s been years that people flock the place. The food is good and available at very affordable price. You can have great meal in any season and this place is always crowded. Yet they have amazingly quick service and at a price that makes you not just happy, but satisfied too. Of course you wouldn’t find food similar to that of an elegant dining or a 5 star – but then we don’t frequent 5 stars regularly. This place too doesn’t carry out any promotional activities. Places like these and also high end restaurants like Big Chill and Chor Bizzare do not invest endlessly on advertisements, marketing and social media. They focus consistently on quality and service. Rest follows and word of mouth and people experience is what ends up drawing crowd.

You will not even think twice before going to these places because your experience was unforgettable and you would always want to relive your memories. Chor Bizzare is more than 25 years old but they still have the same quality, minimal interiors, but very attentive staff.

I wonder is it that difficult to focus just on your product and rest will follow and fall through in place!

I have never seen a dull moment at Big Chill and they don’t serve authentic Italian food (I am still wondering what is authentic?), but what matters is the taste, quality, service and experience! They are always packed house, and on weekends the waiting time is more than an hour at khan market.

It is simple, if your product is amazing, your sales will go up! All you need to focus is on quality and service – and you get the crowd flocking your place and all the media attention that you would ever need, including simple marketing tactics!

Food is not just for survival, it creates memories too! 


#UrbanInitiative – Beyond Food

This story is part of our new initiative called #UrbanInitiative – Beyond Food where we will be focussing on areas that requires improvement and bring out stories that are important and desirable for elevating the entire F&B industry.

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