It’s not any easy task to select 20-30 best meals out of the more than 200 odd meals that I have had last year. It’s a humongous task, going through each month’s archive and then selecting.

And while going through this gruelling list, I could savour fond memories and also the taste of those delightful meals. Well, it was still worth it and I could manage to pick some odd 30 meals that were the best of 2016.  Here is the list of the fond memories of 2016.

India culinary week at courtyard by Marriott Gurgaon – 15 January 2016

A great start of 2016. Courtyard Marriott Gurgaon has always been underrated in terms of food. But executive chef Amit Dash had made sure that you will love the food here. This festival was unique. They picked up seven different chefs from different regions and hosted a week-long promotion. Simply outstanding. You can read about them here.

China Kitchen, Hyatt – 23rd January 2016/10th September 2016

Well I don’t know what Chinese eat in China, but China Kitchen at Hyatt is the best Chinese restaurant in the country and their Peking duck has no match at all. The entirely new menu which has more than 80% new dishes has made sure that you will never want to NOT eat here. You can read about them here and here.

GT Road Trail( Amritsar), Dilli 32, The Leela Ambience  – 26th February 2016

Well. You might say I am biased when it comes to Chef Ashwini Kumar, but he is the best chef when it comes to north Indian food in Delhi. Their GT Road trail certainly tops on my list of 2016. You can read about them here.

Brunch Ek Bar – 16th Feb 2016

This place is truly Indian at heart. Whether it’s their Indian inspired cocktails or the Indian regional food. Chef Sujan Sarkar has put his heart and soul in this restaurant and this is certainly the best cocktail place in the country. You can read about them here.

Caraway, The Grand – May 16th 2016

Caraway for sure is on my list for one of the finest speciality restaurant in a five star where the focus is on serving delicious kebabs that gets perfectly complemented by the extensive range of single malts. You can read about them here.

Guppy by Ai summer menu – 20th may 

Guppy and Japanese are synonymous to each other. When it comes to Japanese, nothing can beat Guppy. This is miles ahead from any Japanese restaurant in the city. Just wait for their, this year’s summer menu. You can read about them here.

Sorrento – 24th march 2016

This place has charmed the Italian fan of the city. Italian Chef Luigi Ferraro has made sure that you eat the fresh, authentic and delicious Italian food. Italy has a new address in Delhi and that’s Sorrento. You can read about them here.

Sunday Brunch Pluck – 15th may 2016

Pluck has been the talk of the town since its opening – Farm to fresh, the modern French cooking, excellent plating and delicious food. Their Sunday brunch is certainly the best in town and their focus on wine has given them a new high. You can read about them here.

The Grill Room – 10th may

If you love steak then there is no place in Delhi where you can get. The Grill Room serves the finest steak and superlative grill dishes in town. And that’s not all, their restaurant manager Amam is certainly one of the best guy I have met in hospitality. His wine knowledge and service standard is world class. You can read about them here.

Lost recipe of royals, Varq Taj Mahal – 20th June

This was another memorable lunch hosted at Varq, by Chef Arun. His knowledge and cooking is something our younger generation chef should look upto. This festival was to showcase food from the royal family of Mewar, Dogra family, Nizam family of Hyderabad and Travancore family of Kerala. You can read about them here.

Olive summer menu – 31st july 2016

I have to admit that Chef Sujan is my favourite chef in Delhi. He is a magician. His passion, dedication and grounded behaviour makes him a perfectionist. You can’t miss a meal at Olive if you are in Delhi. You can read about them here

Taste of Srilanka , Hilton Garden Inn Gurgaon  – 15th July 2016

My first ever experience of eating Sri Lankan food. They got chef from Sri Lanka and the food was simply outstanding. You can read about them here

Romano, JW Sahar Mumbai  – 30th august 2016

Well. This was one of those meal which I ate outside Delhi. I was in Mumbai for an event and stayed at JW Sahar. Executive Chef Vishal Atreya and Chef Roberto have made Romano not only mumbai’s best Italian but perhaps country’s best Italian. Their burrata is out of this world. You can read about them here

South Indian lunch at Kitchen District – 27th august 2016

If I have to eat south Indian meal in Delhi, it has to be at Kitchen District, Hyatt. Not only the food is fantastic, the entire experience of Kitchen District makes a truly memorable experience.  I simply would love going there with my family. You can read about them here.

Michelin Dinner at The Grill Room  – 22nd September 2016

This was my first ever experience of dinning where the meal was curated by the Chef who is also a partner at a Michelin star restaurant. Certainly one of the most memorable meal of 2016. You can read about them here


This is the 1st 15 list and the saga will continue. I will share more on my next post.

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