First thing first, being a food blogger I always need to carry both my DSLR and phone, so that while eating I can share pictures instantly on my Instagram or on snapchat to connect and share with my followers. The instant clicks and live videos, isn’t possible through DSLR. DSLR refines my pictures which I later upload on social media accounts. This is where I need a phone which has great camera features and enables me for those instant clicks and live streaming! A phone with a camera also comes handy in many other ways. The love for family selfies, the moments which you need to capture instantly and all of it can get captured, only if you have a great camera phone!

Recently I came across Vivo V5, the latest flagship phone from Vivo. This comes with the first ever 20 Megapixel front moonlight camera phone that simply means while gorging on cupcakes or eating a slice of my favourite cheesecake I can take some brilliant selfies and instantly update on my social channel.

The power of instant clicks and sharing such pictures with followers that also makes it more real and vivid is what VIVO V5 does. The clarity and the sharpness is beyond compare and I enjoy using VIVO V5 while travelling or reviewing restaurants!vivo v5 selfie phone ,, maneesh srivastva ,food and lifestyle photographer and blogger

Being a blogger, my profession keeps me on the go. Dining out, discovering new places or traveling to any new destination requires instant uploads and this is where Vivo V5 comes very handy for me. Vivo v5 is packed with mammoth 1.5Ghz 64-bit octa core processor with 4gb of ram and 32 gb of internal storage which can be extended upto 128 gb via micro sd and 13mp rear camera simply means that even if I forget to carry my DSLR, I still can easily get outstanding pictures and love sharing instantly with my fan followers!

A smartphone, is more intelligent, and have long evolved from the basic functions of a mobile phone. Smartphones are aware of your current location, social networks, food preferences and habits, analyse information to give inputs and suggestions from time to time. To top it all they also process games with higher resolution and graphics.  That’s also one of the reason that you will find me on my gadget most of the time.

With lot of additional features that smartphones caters to, the megapixel of a camera, in a smartphone, still continue to be one of the deciding factors of buying a smartphone. With high-quality sensors, powerful shooting modes and multitude of camera settings, smartphones have become obvious choice. We look for bright and sharp photos in both bright and low-light conditions. This is also one of the main reasons that most of the phone manufacturers are coming with smart phones with a good camera

I love clicking pictures and the kind of work I do, for me it’s essential to have a good camera phone with stunning features and a great battery life, since vivo v5 has it all. With Vivo V5, I feel more confident and complete when it comes to clicking pictures and connecting quickly on social media – Life is all sorted!

This is I believe is one of the finest phone for those who are in love with selfie. The selfies are sharp, vivid and very bright. Even if you are not a selfie clicker, but need a great camera phone  – then Vivo V5 is just perfect for you!

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