Change is the only constant thing. Change brings in excitement and growth too! We are expecting 2017 to bring in more growth and fame for MFM. We decided to change our content, our way of representing and unlike last year we will focus more on trends of the year and what we really liked, what inspired us and what inspired chefs too!

2016 indeed was one of the best years for MFM. We got the opportunity to learn, explore and also at times stretched ourselves to achieve the desirable. Some of our stories have gone viral and I definitely take pride in that.

Usually, each year we write about the places we have been to, chefs we met, cuisines that we tried and a lot more. However, this time, we would want to make it a little different. We will focus on the trends of 2016 and share our understanding on the future trends that we expect in 2017.

Our Sensational Chefs!

Chefs create experiences, by the way, the food tastes and also the way it has been presented to the guests. They have also realized that besides all the marketing campaign that’s been done to draw customers, food definitely plays a major role, besides hospitality, in drawing customers to the place. Hence it was also very important for chefs to lead from the front and take charge of what the guests want. Chef Sujan was amongst the first and we also have Chef Anahita Dhondhy, the chef manager at Soda Bottle Openerwala and along with the opening of Soda bottle at different cities, Chef Anahita is the one who takes the lead in all these places. Her interpretation of Irani/Parsi food at soda bottle is creating waves! We also have Chef Megha Kohli, behind the success of Lavaash by Saby, an Armenian/Bengali cuisine based restaurant which has just completed a year. Another Chef – Pawan Bisht of Junglee Billee has re-created the food of Mumbai in Delhi and it’s rocking. Chef Pujan Sarkar is creating some excellent food at Ek bar and at Ek bar, our mixologist champion Nitin Tewari has churned out some of the finest cocktails in the city. Priyam Chatterjee of QLA is the new sensational Chef in Delhi, creating magic with not only food but brilliant stories as well. Besides this Anuj Wadhawan of Roseate House too is creating masterpiece dishes.

Farm to Fork Concept!

Another interesting trend which is going on is the farm to fork concept. Achintya Anand, ( former chef at olive) have been providing micro greens not only to olive but also to various restaurants in the city. Pullman hotel has their own small farm in the hotel premises, while The Park has been growing their microgreens in the discarded bathtubs. Masala Library is not far behind and they too have a small herb garden in their corridor. The Grand New Delhi is doing the same quietly.

A lot of emphases is now on procuring ingredient locally which in my opinion, is an excellent approach as not only it helps to reduce the cost but also makes a lot of difference when you use fresh ingredients.

Cocktails & Drinks– Adds the Zing!

Cocktails are going desi way and to my understanding, the credit goes to Ek Bar and Olive where they have created cocktails using wood apple and mango ginger and in future, this will be the trend. The more innovative you are and if you are able to bring the flavors –  a lot of people have started doing this, which I think is much more effective and creative than making those standard cocktails. Classic cocktails might stay but soon it will be passé as people have started taking more interest in enjoying innovative cocktails rather than just the standard. Nitin Tewari is the man at the moment and has been churning out some mind-blowing cocktails around the country.

New Openings and much more!

Lot of five stars has revamped their entire F&B and it’s paying off really well. Shangri-La led the way and with Mister Chai, Sorrento, Tamra and Shang Palace – it’s currently the most favorite hotel in Delhi in terms of F&B offerings.

Taj Palace is also not behind, after the opening of Spicy duck which replaced blue ginger. They revamped their all day dining Kafe Fontana and Capital Kitchen has replaced it. Capital Kitchen is currently getting rave reviews. Roseate House in Aerocity has opened DEL, the all-day dining, and Chidiyaghar and coming next is Kheer, which surely going to change the F&B of Aerocity. The Grand Vasant Kunj is also doing revamp of their entire F&B and their Italian restaurant IT is focusing a lot on local produce and ingredients.

In the meanwhile, standalone restaurants are not focusing on getting into fine dining space. The only place which created buzz was Masala Library but beyond that nothing much is happening. The café is like mushrooming everywhere and their focus is only on serving cheap booze and those musical nights with no focus on food.

Wine Dine!

There has been a lot of activity on the wine front. Pullman Hotel is certainly leading the way and hosting lot of wine dinners for the wine lover people. But I guess to make wine popular and for it to reach masses, we certainly need more participation from a various stratum of the society and not just from the highest of strata. These wine events are good but don’t have the highest reach. We need better plans, to hold more wine appreciating events where participation from first-timers is required to create more awareness. Else, like each year, 2017 too will be known for hosting the number of wine dinners, however, the outcome wouldn’t be great.

I wish to see wine events that reach masses. There has been a lot of hype around buying wine and its taste and the jargons along with each sip that you take, makes it sound very complicated. This makes people “stay away” from buying or not being able to utilize the basics, with the thinking that the choice may not be right. Hopefully, in 2017 we will be able to create more awareness.

Food Festivals

This year we also saw some of the finest and interesting events happened in the city. Eros Nehru place did some of the best food festivals in city. Their Pakistani food festival and jashn-e-fateh can easily be rated as the best food festival. I hope to see some great food festival in 2017 as well. Shangri-La is planning some excellent food festival in coming months and Le Meridian Gurgaon and Eros Nehru Place are also not far behind.

We need more fine dine stand alone as the city has numerous café and world food. The need of the hour is specialty and fine dine place. A place where there is no loud music, no shady lightings and you can enjoy with family.

2016, ended with a bang and 2017 is going to unfold new innings and much more!

Hope you have enjoyed reading this and stay tuned as 2017 will bring in excitement and a new saga…

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  1. Very well written and due regards given to most of the deserving one.
    Though my food journey has just started so i could relate to only a few of the places, festivals and Chefs mentioned.
    Looking forward to more known names in the next year article.

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