I was planning to book my tickets for Dangal on Wednesday, however, a call from DLF to watch the first show was a boon.  Dangal which is Aamir Khan’s latest movie is simply one of the finest sports movies, we have ever seen. Unlike other sports or biopic movie, this has the lot of emotions, respect for each other in the family, love and above all the connection between father and daughter and how they go ahead in fulfilling their father’s dream and passion. This movie is a good take on how daughters are being looked at and they are no less than a son. Given the right opportunity, they can perform better. You can read the review of Dangal on any platform, however, you shouldn’t wait for the review. It is such a fine movie that you shouldn’t miss watching it. The movie was refreshing and here is my take on it that I would love to share:

Bottom line:

  1. The relationship between child and parent is always beautiful. It has always been difficult as a child to understand parents as they always give the right suggestions, think about our future and guide us. But that’s not all! We all know about this! What stood out was the efforts that Aamir Khan put in as a father and Guru for his daughters to be able to shine through. He had been the part and parcel of all the efforts. As parents, it’s not just about earning money, it is also about quality time that we should devote in order to make brighter future.
  2. Success at times gets to your head. Humility should always be the crown and we should always remain indebted to our Guru for showing us the light. We learn throughout our lives from everyone and each is a teacher in their own way. When Geeta learns new technique, she feels that she is more competent than her father and gradually realizes her mistake
  3. Failures are stepping stone to success. I am currently dealing with my 8-year-old who hates failures and looks at it as a sign of devastation. As a parent, though I am focussing on how he understands and looks into it as a learning, this movie too showcases that failure is not the end and we all should learn from it. When Geeta loses at international level, her father focuses on her winning the next big match and not just on what she should have done
  4. As a teacher and as a parent, we too need to learn along with our children, to be able to guide them. Mahavir Singh (Aamir Khan) didn’t leave the stadium after his daughter’s match. Instead, he stayed on to see, how the next player who will compete with his daughter plays. He wanted to see her way and technique so that he can guide his daughter. This, I felt is such an important lesson in parenting. It shows the passion we need to have
  5. Malice exists in people and so does negative emotions and insecurity. When Geeta’s coach approached the Jury (Shishir Sharma) and shared apprehension on how Mahavir Singh is interfering in Geeta’s matches and that Geeta is getting confused – Shishir Singh very diplomatically handled the situation, without demeaning the coach’s role. A very important lesson in management, when you have to take the team along, you need to handle them accordingly and focus on the bigger picture. Instead of focussing on coach’s insecurities, Shishir Sharma focussed on the bigger picture.
  6. Siblings play such an important role.Even though Babita was younger to Geeta, she guided her sister and wished her well, instead of considering her as her rivalry. She drew the connection between Geeta and their father when things turned sour
  7. Daya Kaur (Sakshi Tanwar), played a pivotal role. As mothers, we criticize our partners for pushing daughters to take up a tougher role. Daya Kaur supported in every possible way.
  8. Last, not but the least, – Have you ever see how a bird teaches its child to fly! They teach them to fly and find food for themselves. The young ones that grow and leave the nest and are on their own. We can’t expect our parents and guides to be with us all the time. It is on us, on how we utilize the learnings and teachings and shape our future. How we apply our learnings is on us!

In India, we still talk about having a son and lose hope in our daughters. Once again, this film is a message to our society on girl child and how as a parent, we need to fight against society, how we should ignore frivolous comments when we are following our dreams and how we shouldn’t lose focus!

This movie doesn’t get any star rating, but a SALUTE to the producer, director and actors for such a remarkable film and the numerous learnings and strong message that goes to our society!

Let me know how you think? Would love to hear from you.


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