Whenever I talk about Indian cuisine and restaurants in Delhi, Chor Bizarre instantly comes to my mind. I am a die-hard fan of this place and a loyalist since ages. I clearly enjoy dining out at daryaganj at hotel broadway and had been to metropolitan mall at Gurgaon multiple times before it shut down. I do have lovely memories as I dated my girlfriend (and now she is my wife) and treated her with its heavenly cuisine. The lunch buffet had been our favorite. Well, I have been to Noida too. In nutshell, Chor bizarre has been an ultimate place for me. Never dissatisfied just like the way I enjoy my favorite breakfast at AMD.  I love repeating and sharing on my love for these places. If your product is good and consistent you don’t have to look for anything. People will come and vouch for it.

I have never been to Kashmir but whenever I eat at Chor Bizarre I get immense pleasure and satisfaction. Not just me, but my wife too, is a big fan of this place. Infact I have been to epicentre in gurgaon as well, when they had Chor Bizarre pop up for a month.

Over the years because of increasing traffic it was getting difficult to go to daryaganj every time. We had been really missing it. One day when we were having breakfast at AAD, I met executive chef Rajiv and he told me that they are opening another branch at bikaner house. Well it’s not easy to put in words but i was extremely happy and eagerly looking forward to it.

One cannot miss Akhrot muli ki chutni. The bitterness of akhrot perfectly balanced by the curd and mooli adds the kick. The soft crunchy baby ribs cooked in milk and grilled ( tabak maz) is heaven for meat lovers. Their rogan josh can easily be labeled as one of the finest mutton curry in the country. The food of Kashmir is as beautiful and as poetic as the beauty of valley is. Once said “”गर फिरदौस बर रूये ज़मी अस्त/ हमी अस्तो हमी अस्तो हमी अस्त” (धरती पर अगर कहीं स्वर्ग है, तो यहीं है, यहीं है, यही हैं. – This holds true not only for Kashmir, but for its food too

Don’t miss to have tarami when you are at Chor Bizarre. It has aloo Bukhara mutton ( spicy but flavourful), gustaba( meatballs cooked with yogurt and other spices), Haaq, rogan josh and the spicy tomato chutney.

Chor Bizarre offers you awesome food and some very quirky interior right here in the capital city. Don’t worry if you haven’t been to Kashmir yet. You can relish Kashmiri food right here and at the same time enjoy old hindi songs playing at the background. It’s brings the zing to its ambience and food too!

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