My experience at Tamra goes a long way starting from the time, it was first launched. I was very impressed with the food as well as ambience. It soon became my favourite place for all day dining.  After introducing Sunday Brunch, this place has set a new benchmark for all day dinning places in Delhi. Executive Chef Neeraj Tyagi and his team of talented chef have changed the entire F&B of Shangri-La.

Now after a year and half they have changed their menu a bit and have added some new dishes. We now also have dishes suited for health conscious people. Their Indian section has some interesting dishes. They also have added some dishes from Thailand. The new A-La-Carte menu is extensive and has variety of options to choose from.

I was there couple of weeks ago to try their new menu and here is my best pick from the menu.

  1. Low fat Waldorf Salad – Yes it’s unusual that I am talking about healthy food :P, but this salad is amazing! Light refreshing, fresh granny smith apple, cider reduction, with low fat yogurt dressing.
    Tamra at shanri-la,, maneesh srivastva food and lifestyle photographer
    Low fat waldrof salad

    2. Thai Fisherman’s Basket – Crispy fried spring rolls with calamari , prawn and snapper served with sriracha sauce ( made from sun ripened chillis). It is served piping hot. Crispy and fresh, a dish which you will love to eat at any point of time.

    3. Veg Kebabs – I tried their beetroot kebab and paneer tikka. Panner has the stuffing of aam papad and then grilled in oven. Aam papad gives it a sweet taste that makes the tikka more delicious. Beetroot has the flavour of fenugreek and that makes the tikka interesting.Tamra at shanri-la,, maneesh srivastva food and lifestyle photographer 4. Fish of the day – this is a very interesting dish and my favourite from the menu. You have the option of choosing your preparation either thai way which is steamed or the western way which is grilled. I tried both the versions and loved the steamed one. It had the flavour of coriander and lemon. But then, I equally enjoyed the grilled preparation too!Tamra at shanri-la,, maneesh srivastva food and lifestyle photographer 5. Ambala Mutton Curry – If you are a meat lover then this is for you. Thin gravy, spicy and use of garam masala makes it typical dhaba style curry. A must have.

    Tamra at shanri-la,, maneesh srivastva food and lifestyle photographer
    Ambala Mutton Curry


I must say the Chef Neeraj Tyagi and his team have put in lot of efforts to create a new menu which is not only healthy but also have very interesting dishes to offer.

You must go and try the new a-la carte menu at Tamra.


Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.



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