Visit Stallion At Hotel Pride Plaza, Aerocity For Some Kickass Cocktails

A stallion is a potent horse and depicts something charged up and full of energy. You will feel the same energetic and powerful vibe when you’ll enter Stallion, a relatively newer bar in the capital. Especially on a Saturday night, the place comes alive in its full glory.

The interiors are inspired by horses and apart from two live sized wooden horses there were riding equipments like leather saddle. The seating was comfortable and a part of the seating area of this otherwise well lit bar has dim lighting. Overall I would certainly say that its interiors live up to the 5 star quality that was expected of it. There are other great restaurants in the hotel but I could see many foreign guest enjoying their curries and rotis here., food and lifestyle bloggerCocktails and mocktails were certainly the highlight of the evening. I judge a bar by the finesse and the smoothness of its cocktails. There should be a right balance of sweetness, saltiness and bitterness, and no flavour except the flavour of the hero ingredient should dominate. Their whisky based ‘Stallion Human’ had everything I want from a cocktail. The orange juice and lime juice didn’t make the cocktail sour and the caramel played its part beautifully. Their mocktail ‘Italian Smooch’ was also top notch. Lemon chunks, mint and brown sugar created the right amount of balance.

Coming to food, the canapés looked vibrant, colourful and delicious. As far as taste goes, I really liked the Olive and Salmon, Grill Chicken and the grilled vegetable canapés. The others looked beautiful but I didn’t like the flavour in them. The other snacks were served on a sizzling plate and I liked the soft, melt- in-the-mouth Grilled Fish and the Chicken Tikkas. In vegetarian the Paneer Tikkas and the Cheese Balls were nice. Spicy Chicken Wings were full of flavour and was my favourite dish of the evening.

Their DJ plays some great foot stomping numbers and on request he played some retro as well which caught everyone’s attention and made the evening come more alive.

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