Have you ever wondered that dishes that get served, what would have been the source of its ingredients? F&B and Chef spend months in selecting vendors, checking the produce, making sure it’s the best which they are procuring and ensure that when the dish is served on your table – your experience should be such that you would want to come again and also recommend others too and share your experience.

My interaction with Executive Chef Abhishek Basu and Marcom Head Sarah at The Park Hotel, provided lot of insights. The new menu at FIRE is already making news. I learnt that the search started months ahead for the menu that was presented. Starting Feb, along with Ms Priya Paul, the idea was to go back to your roots and the implementation took even longer.

The process of getting vendors on board, to make sure that the supply chain shouldn’t break at any point of time and if they got most of the micro greens and other organic stuff from vendors, they also had to ensure that the consistency should be maintained. I was quiet impressed with the work that they had done.mysticfoodiemantra.com, maneesh srivastva food and lifestyle photographer and blogger , new menu at the fire, the park new delhi

My fresh salad with argula which grows on their own terrace in the discarded bathtubs J and the burrata comes from Father Michael of Bangalore – well this is where you get to know that whatever is being presented and you are consuming is absolutely fresh and organic. Their current menu is 50% organic and their aim is to achieve 100% which I feel is a very honest approach and I am sure they will reach there soon.

The mutton which they used in mutton sukkha was sourced from Navalgarh, Rajashthan which is not organic. However free range goat take longer to cook than the farm goat.

Prawns were sourced from coast of Gujrat and were tossed in bhoot jholakia from assam – great amalgamation of national integration. The broccoli fennel tikka gets sourced from hills of Himachal and murg methi malai tikka has organic chicken sourced from gayatri farms. The chicken was extremely moist and succulent.and delicious too.mysticfoodiemantra.com, maneesh srivastva food and lifestyle photographer and blogger , new menu at the fire, the park new delhi

Infact Chef Abhishek has put in lot of effort to make sure that the ingredients that has been sourced gets shared with customers and should be from places that you can trust. These thoughts are on the right track and hoping that soon we will see 100% organic menu.mysticfoodiemantra.com, maneesh srivastva food and lifestyle photographer and blogger , new menu at the fire, the park new delhi

This menu was interesting, not just for taste, but also getting to know the source of its ingredients. Somehow it made the food all the more interesting and intriguing too! I am now, eagerly looking forward to his new winter menu that will most probably get launched by 10th Dec. I have promised Sarah, that I will surely come earlier and not delay my visit at FIRE!

Disclaimer – This review was done on an invitation from the establishment. Views expressed in the review is entirely ours and without any bias. Pictures of the dishes are not the standard portions, they are sample portions.

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