I chose the signature therapy called Escenza Signature Experience at Escenza Spa at Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Alibaug comprising of a scrub, massage and soak.  This therapy is unique as it allows you to choose and make your own aromatherapy oil which is used later for the massage.  What I liked is that this experience is quite interactive compared to other therapies where the oils are already prepared and you have no choice.

You can choose the oils depending on whether you want to detox, energize, rejuvenate or relax and the oils vary from floral, woody, fruity and spicy. I chose to rejuvenate using a blend of frankincense and rosemary oils. Guests can choose a single oil or a blend depending on their preference. The therapy started with 10 minutes steam to open my pores for better absorption of the scrub later. After steam, as I sipped water, my therapist Aki proceeded to do the foot ritual to clean my feet using sea salt.Khursheed dinshaw, food, travel and lifestyle blogger, urbanescapades.in

You also have the option of choosing your own scrub and I opted for the Mint and Musk Scrub. The scrub helps to remove dead skin cells and makes the skin soft. It is recommended for all skin types including sensitive skin. Its subtle aroma was energizing. A shower later, I was ready for my aromatherapy massage where the oils I chose were mixed and Aki massaged them using a combination of her palm, thumb and fingers. I felt fantastic and rejuvenated.Khursheed dinshaw, food, travel and lifestyle blogger, urbanescapades.in

The last step of the Escenza Signature Experience is the most aromatic and consists of a 30 minutes soak in a bathtub. Warm water is mixed with rose essential oil for the soak. As the warm water and essential oil worked their magic, I sipped green tea and munched on dates and dry fruits feeling blissful.

Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Alibaug

Gondhalpada, Alibaug

Maharashtra 402209

Phone- 91 2141 302 400


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